The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) launches international campaign inspiring learners to seize the opportunities of Industry 5.0

UTS’s latest campaign is inspiring lifelong learners to create a more human-centric, sustainable and resilient world as they enter the fifth industrial revolution.

SYDNEY, Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The campaign, entitled ‘Where Creativity Meets Technology’, targets international students across a wide range of disciplines and industry interests. It positions UTS as a university where students meld creative and strategic thinking with emerging technologies.


“The skills that we develop and champion – such as communication, cross-cultural literacy, and critical analysis – will become even more important as our workplace settings merge with the incredible power of AI and Big Data,” says Associate Professor Susie Khamis, a lecturer from the School of Communication. “Our students will work with the awesome potential of digital technologies and assume a command position in their positive deployment.”

The fifth industrial revolution is a new era that will see humans leverage the gains of Industry 4.0, which was focused on automation, artificial intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things.

The campaign video highlights a variety of key initiatives led by university academics such as the partnership with Australian surf brand Piping Hot to develop sustainable fibres made from seaweed. It also features the university’s Climate Change Cluster (C3) initiative that aims to restore the Great Barrier Reef with in-house aquariums.

“By highlighting these key areas of research, we’re emphasising that Society 5.0 is no longer just a concept, it is already here. By joining a university that is responsive to these global shifts, UTS international students will graduate job-ready and equipped to drive positive change in Australia, their home country or the world,” says Iain Watt, Deputy Vice Chancellor, International at UTS.

The campaign video can be viewed here.

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Associate Professor Susie Khamis: “Our students will work with the awesome potential of digital technologies and assume a command position in their positive deployment.”