The Ultimate MMORPG Ragnarok Origin: Odin Cup has been born in RISE champion!

BANGKOK, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The first highly anticipated Odin Cup tournament, jointly presented by Ragnarok Origin and the co-organizer HUAWEI AppGallery, was successfully held in Bangkok on 22 October 2023.

After two days of intense competition, Ragnarok Origin and HUAWEI AppGallery together witnessed the debut of the championship in Odin Cup went to RISE Guild, where they presented thrilling battles against three teams and took home the championship trophy and ring.

RISE Guild Crowned Champions of the First Ragnarok Origin Odin Cup

After the epic battles among the finalists, the grand final was held on October 22nd evening in Bangkok. RISE Guild faced off against the other three top guilds, all of whom had put in tremendous effort and dedication to reach the finals.

The matches were close and intense, but in the end, RISE Guild prevailed. With their superior teamwork and strategies, they were able to defeat their opponents and claim the championship title.

As the confetti rained down from the sky, the RISE Guild members could not hide their excitement. They had worked hard for this moment, and it had finally paid off.

The Odin Cup organisers are recognizing the contributions of all the members of the champion guild, not just those who competed on stage. The champion guild will receive a variety of exclusive rewards, including the champion title, mount, avatar frame, bubble frame, and avatar, as well as guild diamond rewards, meow fruit, light and dark feather boxes, space-time feather boxes, and a God King statue part self-selected box.

Exciting Matches: Odin Cup Finals Sees Champions Crowned

RISE Guild emerged victorious in the Odin Cup Finals, defeating the other three top guilds in Southeast Asia in a close and exciting match. Both teams were evenly matched in terms of adventure value, tactics, and teamwork, but RISE Guild was able to pull ahead in the last point and secure the victory.

Congratulations to RISE Guild on their well-deserved victory! Their success is an inspiration to all gamers, and it shows that hard work and dedication can pay off, even in the most competitive of environments.

RISE Guild leader DYLANDPROS expressed his love for Ragnarok Origin and his excitement over winning the Odin Cup championship. He said that many of the guild members were loyal players of Ragnarok Online back then and that Ragnarok Origin has allowed them to relive the excitement of playing the game. He also revealed that the guild had put a good effort on researching game strategies and working hard to improve their adventure value in order to get ready for the tournament.

Opulent Odin Cup Venue Provides Immersive Viewing Experience

The Odin Cup offline viewing venue was a sight to behold, with its opulent gold decor and spacious layout. A super-large LED screen presented the grand battle, while star commentators provided insightful commentary.

The main venue layout that came into view as soon as the players entered the venue amazed them. They praised the organisers for their care and attention, and their enthusiasm swept through the venue of the finals.

Apart from the exciting matches, Odin Cup fans were treated to a variety of surprises outside the venue. Check-in areas and game areas were set up for players to explore, arousing the curiosity of many. Many players spent hours in these areas, enjoying the experience tirelessly.

Moreover, audiences also received peripherals with their tickets, a gesture of appreciation from the organisers that made the audience “swoon.”

Odin Cup Fans Enjoy Check-In Areas, Game Areas, and Peripheral Gifts

Before starting the stimulative battles between the finalists, the organisers of Odin Cup have prepared numerous opening programs to heat up the atmosphere. Plus, many leaders from Gravity had come over to support the event, who are:

Jin Kim, President, Gravity Game Vision Jaejin Lee, COO, Gravity Game Tech Harry Choi, President, Gravity Game Hub Tubagus Angga, COO, Gravity Game Hub Steven Shi, Product Director, Gravity Game Vision Pharaphatr Yasinporn, Marketing Director, Gravity Game Hub

Attendees of the Odin Cup Finals witnessed the birth of the new champion and heard from Gravity Game Hub Marketing Director Pharaphatr Yasinporn about the plans for the upcoming release.

Harry Choi, President, Gravity Game Hub Steven Shi, Director of Product, Gravity Game Vision

In addition to attending the match, the two heavyweight guests also participated in the final Championship Guild Awards ceremony and personally presented them with the championship trophy and ring!

Odin Cup Finals Co-Hosted by Ragnarok Origin and HUAWEI AppGallery

The Odin Cup tournament was jointly hosted by Ragnarok Origin and HUAWEI AppGallery. The two companies have maintained close cooperation since the game was launched. Furthermore, the success of the event was largely due to the complete support of HUAWEI AppGallery.

“HUAWEI AppGallery and Gravity successfully held the Odin Cup tournament, opening a new chapter in the cooperation between AppGallery and Content Providers,” said Rei Xiao, Director of Mobile Eco Business Growth, Huawei APAC Region. “In the future, HUAWEI AppGallery will continue to increase investment in HMS and work with Content Providers to achieve greater success in overseas markets. Congratulations to the Odin Cup winning team, Fight For Dream!

“The success of Ragnarok Origin Odin Cup has triggered everyone’s discussion in the Thai gaming community. Players in Thailand are one of the countries with the highest gaming activity in Southeast Asia. In the future, HUAWEI AppGallery will continue to be committed to providing Content Providers with localization capability support from the strongest team”, said Pike Sun, Director of Mobile Ecosystem Business Growth HUAWEI Thailand. “Once again, congratulations to the Odin Cup winning team, Fight For Dream!”

“Since the launching of Ragnarok Origin in Southeast Asia, HUAWEI AppGallery has used its localised resources to help Ragnarok Origin users and sales grow rapidly. The success of the Odin Cup tournament reflects the determination of both parties to sustained collaboration,” said Jerry Gao, Head of AppGallery Business, Huawei APAC Region. “Southeast Asia is a key region for Chinese games to expand globally. HUAWEI AppGallery’s comprehensive localized services will help Content Providers succeed overseas. Congratulations to the winning team of the Odin Cup, Fight For Dream!”

Odin Cup Finals Opens with Stunning Ceremony

The Odin Cup Finals opened with a stunning ceremony featuring a symphony and two popular Ragnarok Origin songs, which are “Erebos’ Prelude” and “Theme of Prontera”. The classic and beautiful music, as well as the clear and pleasant on-site listening experience, left a lasting impression on the audience.

Odin Cup Players Make Grand Entrance in Esports Uniforms

The players competing in the Odin Cup Finals made a spectacular entrance while the audience watched. The members of the four top guilds all wore esports uniforms in gold, black, white, and grey, with the Odin Cup event logo and Odin-themed designs printed on them.

The uniforms vividly reflected the sense of honor of the event, and the players’ entrance, dubbed the “march of the heroes,” was mighty and awe-inspiring.

Online Viewers of Odin Cup Finals Experience Stunning AR Special Effects and Lavish Welfare Gifts

Online viewers of the Odin Cup Finals were treated to a variety of surprises, including stunning and lifelike AR special effects, which were integrated harmoniously with the live footage. This, along with the luxurious welfare gift bags that dropped from time to time during the competition, helped to elevate the event’s luxury level and demonstrate the unique glory status of the Odin Cup.

The Odin Cup has come to an end, but the story of the adventurers is still being written. In the future, Ragnarok Origin will bring players more exciting competitions. Stay tuned!

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