The “Super Star Cluster” singer contest is over

YaYa was an airline industry elite turned to successful singer, breaking the language barrier with love

TAIPEI, March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The “Super Star Cluster” singer contest held by the 17Sing APP has come to an end on March 12 after four stages: “Blind Selection by the users”, “Popularity Competition”, “Duet Cooperation” and “Finales”. After a month of fierce competition, three well-known singer judges Li Jiawei, Fu Qiongyin, and Li Jiahuan selected the best contestant Yaya (UID: 6554615) considering singing skills, intonation, breath, and other aspects. Yaya was the champion of this competition and won the opportunity to sign with a well-known record company and a bonus of NT$50,000.

In the finale of the “Super Star Cluster” singer contest, Yaya performed an emotional and affectionate song “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban, which amazed the audience and judges and made everyone remember his name Yaya. He said: “This is a very meaningful and tense song, every time I sing this song, I will think of my elderly father and my heavenly mother. I am very grateful for their nurturing grace.” Perhaps the longing is too strong. , the affectionate and powerful performance made Li Jiawei praise from the heart many times: “It’s a good performance.” Super strong singing skills and emotional investment finally captured the hearts of all the audience and judges present, and the championship was well deserved. As for Li Jiahuan’s comments, Yaya also expressed that she was very happy that the judges liked his voice, saying that Li Jiahuan’s self-discipline is also a habit he has been learning and persisting in.

Yaya’s occupation is an aircraft captain who has served Singapore Airlines for more than 20 years. “I haven’t learned to sing systematically, and I don’t have good learning resources. Singing is a hobby for me for more than 20 years.” Allowing him to persevere until now and constantly improve his singing skills which he worked hard for many years to have his own album. When asked how he became attached to music, he said: “When I was in junior high school, I started to listen to Chinese pop songs. At that time, the pop music scene in Taiwan and Hong Kong was flourishing, and there are many excellent singers and works. By chance, I was pulled away by a friend, participating in a campus singing competition, accidentally won the runner-up and the best typhoon award, and I realized that I also have a talent for acting, so I slowly fell in love with singing and dancing.” Yaya did not receive Chinese education, although he loves Chinese songs, he also faced many difficulties in the learning process. He said: “I learned Chinese characters through singing KTV, so I can’t read many lyrics. I learned through practicing singing and memorizing the lyrics firmly.” Because of love, I persisted, and the simple dialogue revealed the super execution ability to realize my dream.

According to Yaya, due to his busy work, it is his biggest regret not to be able to accompany his family. Talking about what he would like to do during his break, he said: “When I have free time, I will accompany my wife and children to go outdoors, watch stage plays, or travel. Family is the biggest pillar of my heart and spirit. “For Yaya, if the dream of music is a dazzling giant ship on the ocean, then a warm and loving family is the most reassuring harbor for him.