The key vender of network communication, Z-COM, Inc. in Taiwan launched indoor-outdoor hybrid wireless network services for various venues on Chunghwa Telecom IMO platform

HSINCHU, March 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In February of this year, Chunghwa Telecom, through the agent Sochamp, began offering Wi-Fi and wireless network management equipment rental and sales programs for small and medium-sized enterprises using products developed by Z-COM, a leading network communication vendor based in Taiwan. The programs were launched on the IMO platform to expand services to numerous Taiwanese corporate customers and AIoT applications, addressing local demands and providing timely services to local clients. The local advantage of Chunghwa Telecom and Sochamp enables them to better understand actual market dynamics and meet the demand for localized management by businesses.

The indoor-outdoor hybrid wireless network leasing and sales plan jointly launched by Chunghwa Telecom and Z-COM, Inc. includes: indoor coverage Wi-Fi 6 AP AS240, outdoor coverage AP SP230, outdoor point-to-point AP SP230-S5, and wireless network controllers (WS5G2, WS7G2, WS10G2). Among them, the wireless product SP230-S5 won the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award, and its product design and performance were recognized by third-party impartial organizations and customers. In addition to meeting the needs of existing indoor wireless network applications, it also expands to large outdoor venues, providing more complete wireless services for indoor-outdoor hybrid venues.

In recent years, Chunghwa Telecom has successfully transformed its business by creating a value-driven organizational structure that focuses on customer-centricity. It has established three major business units – Personal Home, Enterprise Customer, and International Telecom – as well as three major technology groups – Network Technology, Information Technology, and Telecom Research Institute – to strengthen its operations and technological capabilities. This year, the company’s “Three Arrows” strategy, which includes the Personal Home Business, Enterprise Customer Business, and International Telecom Business, has continued to show strong growth, while also adding three emerging businesses – Cloud IDC, Cybersecurity, and 5G+AIoT – in an effort to build a three-billion-dollar revenue business.

Z-COM, Inc. was founded in 1995 and has been focusing on the research and manufacturing of wireless communication systems. With core expertise in RF development and wireless network integration software development, the company has accumulated extensive experience in telecom communication integration through various collaborations with international telecom operators. In recent years, Z-COM has transformed from an ODM/OEM model to introducing its own brand, “Z-COM,” and has been recognized as an outstanding SME by the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association. By product launching on IMO platform of Chunghwa Telecom, Z-COM aims to meet the diverse network needs of domestic enterprises and expand its presence both domestically and internationally as a Taiwanese brand.

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