The Guangming Science City Forum 2023 will be held on April 27-28 in Guangming District

SHENZHEN, China, April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Guangming Science City Forum 2023, hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Shenzhen Municipal Science, Technology and Innovation Commission, and Guangming District People’s Government, will be held on April 27-28 in Guangming District.

The forum has the permanent theme of “Guangming: Building Dreams for the Future”, and the keywords for this year’s session are “Creating Ideas”, “Setting Sail” and “Pursuing Dreams”. With a global vision, it has extensively invited high-level experts, including renowned domestic and foreign scientists, representatives from world-renowned international science cities and institutions, scholars from universities in Hong Kong, Macao, and high-level professionals from various fields of technology, education, and industry. Bringing together top intellectual resources from home and abroad, the forum will discuss the forefront of scientific and technological development trends, and jointly assume the responsibility of leading innovation.

As an important part of the pioneering area for the National Comprehensive Science Center in the Greater Bay Area, Guangming Science City has become the region with the most concentrated layout of major scientific and technological innovation carriers, the most rapid aggregation of innovative momentum, and the largest scale of investment in comprehensive innovation. The collective efforts towards construction have become increasingly robust.

Open communication is the gateway to discovering the forefront of science. As Guangming Science City hastens its journey to become a world-class scientific hub, there is a pressing need to establish a comprehensive and internationally-renowned platform for high-end exchanges, expanding the scope of domestic and international technological cooperation. In response to this need, Shenzhen has decided to hold the annual Guangming Science City Forum, creating an elite arena for the exchange of ideas that will attract the finest intellectual resources from both domestic and international spheres. On this platform, distinguished professionals from the realms of science, education, and industry will jointly engage in profound discussions, cultivate innovative thought, and collaborate in elevating the original innovation capabilities of the Greater Bay Area.

The forum will adopt a “1+9+3” format, i.e., one main forum, nine parallel forums, and three supporting events.

The main forum will feature a series of keynote speeches delivered by academicians and experts at the forefront of technological innovation. Additionally, there will be several significant events, including the inauguration ceremony for major scientific and technological infrastructure, the unveiling of important foundations, and the sharing invitation ceremony for significant scientific and technological infrastructure.

The nine parallel forums will include the following: The Scientific Apparatus Planning, Construction and Operation Innovation Forum, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Collaborative Innovation Forum, the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application Seminar, the Fourth Engineering Biology Innovation Conference, and the Materials Science Forum, among others.

Three supporting activities, including a natural music concert, a rowing challenge, and a leisure cycling tour, will be organized to provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for the attendees to socialize.

This forum will invite renowned scientists from both domestic and international communities, representatives from related institutions of renowned science cities, as well as notable entrepreneurs and representatives from investment organizations. Distinguished academicians will deliver keynote speeches on the forum’s theme, and experts and entrepreneurs will share their insights through reports, dialogues, and other means.

This is the first time for Shenzhen to host the Guangming Science City Forum. In the future, Shenzhen will make it an annual scientific event with core values and global influence.

The main venue of this forum, the Guangming Science City, is located in the eastern part of Guangming District. In July 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology officially approved the Guangming Science City-Songshan Lake Science City area as a starting area for the construction of a comprehensive national science center in the Greater Bay Area.

Over the past five years, Shenzhen has rallied its resources to achieve the goal of building a world-class science city, and the development of Guangming Science City has accelerated at an unprecedented pace. With 24 major scientific and technological innovation platforms settled, two university campuses or transitional campuses officially put into use, and nine major scientific and technological infrastructure projects, two provincial key laboratories, and 11 scientific research platforms being expedited, Guangming Science City is poised for rapid growth.

Looking ahead, Shenzhen will continue to promote the development of a world-class science city by elevating its scientific activities, creating a favorable environment for innovation, and injecting new momentum into the city’s high-quality development.