The global cross-border e-commerce trading platform Tbay has exceeded 500,000 users and launched new trading features for users

NEW YORK, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Tbay celebrates its 4th anniversary, and the number of registered users has exceeded 500,000. The users of the platform are mainly located in Nigeria, then the United States and Europe. Now Tbay is rapidly expanding businesses to various parts of the world.

Tbay is a global professional cross-border e-commerce trading and payment platform. One of its main businesses is providing online gift cards transactions worldwide. It aims to help gift card holders get substantial profits through fast and secure gift card transactions.

How did Tbay stand out and achieve a leading position in the global gift card trading field, attracting over 500,000 users within just 4 years? Let’s explore the story of Tbay.

Drive Africa’s Digital Transformation with Internet Technology

In recent years, internet technology has greatly promoted Africa’s digital transformation. Through widespread penetration of mobile internet and the popularity of smartphones, people in Africa have gained convenient access to the internet. Tbay’s gift card business utilizes internet technology as a medium, providing a broad stage for commercial activities in Africa and offering African people a business opportunity in the global market. Through the online gift card trading platform, they can participate in international market transactions with gift card holders worldwide, earning additional income.

Promote Charity Events in Africa

Tbay is not only a cross-border e-commerce trading platform but also actively contributes to charity activities. Tbay has specifically established the “Donate 1,000 Schools Program” in Africa and has donated to 38 schools until now, benefiting approximately 3,000 students in 5 countries and regions: Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Tbay deeply recognizes the importance of social responsibility. As an innovative plan, they allow users to voluntarily donate a portion of their profits from gift card transactions to charity activities. This enables users to perceive the positive impact of their trading actions on society, providing them with a chance to participate in social welfare work and promote social development. This is also an important reason for the rapid growth of Tbay’s users and high user loyalty.

Core Advantages of Tbay’s Products

When trading gift cards on Tbay, you can have comprehensive services that are secure, professional, efficient, and cost-effective. Tbay covers various brands and types of gift cards, having strict requirements for gift card vendors who join the platform. Through scientific evaluations by Tbay, the qualification for gift card vendors’ security deposits has been increased from $10,000 to $50,000. Tbay ensures vendors thresholds through strict certification and exclusive cooperation agreements. They regularly monitor the overall service quality of vendors and publicly penalize those who fail to meet standards or receive multiple complaints. If it is confirmed that this activity involves gift card fraud, the vendor’s account will be permanently banned. Tbay requires vendors to conduct transactions under 360° monitoring, providing transaction screenshots and videos as dispute evidence. With these multiple security measures, Tbay utilizes multiple security certifications to maximize the safety of users’ transactions and assets.

Gift card vendors have received positive feedback from users about their professional services. For example, the average transaction duration are only 1.5 minutes of Steam card transactions, making the entire process efficient and time-saving. Moreover, in gift card transactions, Tbay’s official customer service team handles and responds promptly, providing efficient service that enhances user satisfaction. And, it is worth mentioning that Tbay consistently offers the highest exchange rates for all types of gift cards, which means you can gain more benefits from your transactions.

Tbay emphasizes interaction and communication with users. They actively accept user feedback and opinions, continuously improve platform features and services, and strive to provide the best service for users. Tbay has gained user recognition because of their focus on user experience, valuing user opinions, providing a secure and reliable trading environment to meet user needs. User recognition is another important driving force for Tbay’s continuous development and achievement of a leading position.

Unique New Features of Tbay-Profit Opportunities for You

Tbay recently has updated two new features: rate-up coupon and bonus points. These features have received high praise from users since their launch a few months ago.

Rate-up coupon: Once you become a Tbay user, rate-up coupons will be randomly issued to you periodically. The coupon allows you to get more value than the denomination of the gift card during transactions. The rate-up coupons are varied for users of different membership levels. The higher your level and trading volume, the higher the value of the coupons you can get. These coupons are applicable to all types of gift cards, which means that once you obtain a rate-up coupon, you can earn more profits than others in all card categories accepted on Tbay.

Bonus points: As a token of gratitude and reward for both new and existing users who have previously transacted on the platform, Tbay will issue bonus points worth approximately 1 USD to those users’ Tbay wallets. You can use and trade these points within the validity period, allowing you to obtain more profits at a lower cost.

You can withdraw your earnings, and Tbay supports transactions in multiple currencies, making your trading more international and diversified.


As a technology-driven company, Tbay is committed to leveraging internet technology and the digital economy to promote Africa’s development, connecting the power of internet technology across the world. Tbay provides a convenient and efficient channel for African people, to engage in gift card online trading. Tbay offers a broader market and business opportunities for African entrepreneurs and merchants, satisfying the needs of African people and creating new prospects for African economic growth.

Meanwhile, Tbay is actively expanding into international markets, developing global operations through cooperation with international partners and global business expansion.

Tbay’s mission is to create more opportunities and possibilities through internet technology and the digital economy. Tbay will continue to drive Africa’s development, helping African people realize their dreams and bringing new hope into Africa’s future.

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