“The Global AI Data Industry is Shaking Up” – AIMMO Unveils New Data Lifecycle Products at ‘CES 2024’

Participating in ‘CES 2024’ held in Las Vegas, USA from January 9th to 12th Holding a ‘AIMMO AI Tech Summit’ and unveiling new products that provide data lifecycle processes Aspire to leap as a global data platform company leading the AI data industry, including autonomous driving and smart cities

SEOUL, South Korea and SANTA CLARITA, Calif., Jan. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AIMMO, securing clients including Bosch, Continental, Magna International, etc., takes a leap onto the global stage, accelerating its overseas expansion.

The global AI data platform, AIMMO (Seung-Taek Oh, CEO), will participate in the world’s largest information technology exhibition, ‘CES 2024,’ held in Las Vegas, USA from the 9th to the 12th, unveiling innovative new products related to AI data.

With AI (Artificial Intelligence) being the core keyword permeating ‘CES 2024’ this year, expectations are high for industry attention with the unveiling of new products associated with AI’s core data.

During the period of ‘CES 2024’, AIMMO will host a solo conference at the ‘Embassy Suites by ‘Las Vegas Convention Center’,’ featuring ▲1:1 business meetings, ▲media days, ▲AI Tech Summit, and more.

Particularly on the 11th, AIMMO will host the ‘AIMMO AI Tech Summit 2024’ and officially announce new products that offer data lifecycle processes. It is an industry-first technology that offers all processes from data collection to refinement, processing, and evaluation. Alongside the product unveiling, sessions will be conducted on AI modeling projects in diverse industries, including smart mobility, smart cities, and smart defense.

AIMMO will also introduce the acclaimed service in the autonomous driving industry, ‘AD-DaaS (Autonomous Driving Data as a Service).’ This service, created by experts with experience in developing autonomous vehicles, offers a specialized ‘End-to-End AI data service’ associated with autonomous driving. It provides an optimal solution to detect and analyze driving and external environmental information. As a solution that collects, refines, processes, and evaluates autonomous driving data domestically and internationally, AIMMO utilizes its technology to generate an optimal dataset, allowing for the enhancement of AI models in a ‘low-cost, high-efficiency’ manner.

AIMMO’s strategy for this year’s ‘CES Exhibition’ is to actively showcase the new products and significantly expand global sales. Currently, AIMMO has secured global automotive component companies and OEM manufacturers including Bosch, Continental, and Magna International. Exploring beyond the Korean market, AIMMO is expanding its overseas supply chain. Additionally, there are plans to extend the use of AI data to other industries that demand AI modeling.

AIMMO’s CEO Oh Seung-Taek expressed his pleasure in participating at CES for the second consecutive year and unveiling innovative new products via the operation of a solo conference hall. Mr. Oh stated, “I am delighted to be able to showcase innovative new products at CES again this year. Along with the increase in revenue coming from global sales, our technological capabilities are being recognized internationally. We expect our new products unveiled at CES to emerge as core technologies that will shake up the global landscape in the field of AI data”.

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