The future you desire. The life of your dreams. See it, feel it, believe it. Get ready to receive it with LIFEBOARD VR.

SYDNEY, Oct. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The first of its kind and totally unique – Lifeboard VR is a ground-breaking new manifestation platform to help users bring to reality their dreams and goals.

It’s time to enter a fully immersive virtual reality world where you can customize your vision boards, personalize your affirmations and enjoy guided meditations. Successful leaders like Oprah, Will Smith, Lady Gaga and Drake are all major advocates of vision boards. Lifeboard VR is like a vision board on steroids!

Unlike other manifestation apps, Lifeboard VR’s platform uses immersive visual and audio therapy within a virtual reality environment to amplify the manifestation of users’ dreams and goals. Once accessed, users are transported into a VR space where they can experience their gratitude galleries, vision boards and a range of other VR experiences, including exotic and iconic locations.

“We created Lifeboard VR because of our experience with the Law of Attraction. We know that you attract whatever you focus on with intention and gratitude,” says Byron L. Perkins, co-founder of Lifeboard VR. “We created our powerful manifestation platform within a virtual reality to help all users dream big so that they can attract everything they truly desire.”

He adds: “The unique visual and auditory experiences are combined with personalized gratitude and meditation exercises to develop belief and faith – both necessary components when manifesting.”

Lifeboard VR is the result of the vision and work of a global team based in Los Angeles, Prague, Sydney, and Miami. Already nominated for VR Experience of the Year 2022 by the Academy of International Extended Reality annual awards, Lifeboard VR has attracted the attention of industry leaders worldwide.

Launching officially in October 2022, our global mission is to help people unleash their superpower. According to Byron, “I truly believe using Lifeboard VR is the most effective way to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals.”

Diane Markovski
[email protected]