The First SiP CPU Module from USI Equipped in the New ASUS Zenbook

SHANGHAI, Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In the long run, people will witness the inevitable rise of highly integrated, thin and miniaturized electronic terminal products. Released by ASUS at CES 2023, the new generation Zenbook, equipped with the 13th generation of Intel Raptor Lake processor, became the first electronic device with integrated modularization of CPU and memory circuits. USI and ASUS worked closely during the development of this new product, with the design from ASUS and the manufacturing services provided by USI. This was the first time USI applied the System-in-Package (SiP) technology to the CPU module. 

SiP CPU Module

“We had to deal with many challenges related to the process of large-size and high-speed signal modules, such as warp control, module test and development supporting an ultra-high number of pins, etc. We are glad to have the opportunity to cooperate with ASUS in developing the CPU module throughout the entire procedure from simulation, structure design, process development and production so that we can offer value-added products to customers.” John Fang, CTO of USI, said.

” ASUS Zenbook has always been committed to developing leading technologies and providing users with an excellent experience. By working with USI, we utilized its advanced module process capability to innovate the industry’s first SiP CPU module and realize the modularization and miniaturization of the notebook computer core. It perfectly presents the thin, light, portable and ultra-efficient Zenbook to the world.” Rex Lee, ASUS Corporate Vice President and Head of Personal Computer Business Unit, said.

Consumers have their eyes on thinness and high efficiency when choosing laptops. Consumers’ demands push the industry forward in its product optimization through innovations in design, craftsmanship, material, etc.

USI provides module design and miniaturization process technology to assist ASUS in shortening the high-speed signal path between the processor and the memory to achieve the high-performance demand of Zenbook. A shared SiP CPU module design is used, which can support CPU and memory configurations required by different products, to reduce the complexity and cost of the main board and shorten the product design cycle. This is the first-ever CPU, and memory integration module for high-performance laptop computers, and has reduced 38% size of motherboard, with the number of pins coming in a total of 3,384.

The development trend of consumer electronics toward miniaturization drives the demand for SiP technology. With years of efforts in SiP technology, USI provides module products for various applications, such as wireless communication, the Internet of Things, wearable devices, electric vehicles, to help our customers to implement product features such as high efficiency, thinness and lightness, low power consumption, low latency, etc. 

About USI

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