The 70mai 360° Full-View Dash Cam Omni is now Available in North America Market

SHANGHAI, March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The prominent auto intelligence brand, 70mai, has announced the availability of its latest product, the 70mai Dash Cam Omni in the US and CA markets. This state-of-the-art dash cam is the first of its kind, incorporating self-developed technology that enables a 360° full-view of the surroundings. By utilizing this groundbreaking device, drivers can now capture all angles around their vehicle, resulting in a safer and more secure driving experience.

70mai Dash Cam Omni

The 70mai Dash Cam Omni boasts innovative technology, it is a 360°, no blind spot full view dash cam with a 340° swivel design and 140° FOV. It includes AI Motion Detection which can accurately detect suspicious behaviours during parking and trigger emergency recording towards the direction with a warning light. This feature ensures that scenes and actions are clearly identified by the AI detection algorithm, preventing the recording of useless videos. Additionally, the Collision Detection feature helps to locate collisions and record emergency footage, automatically recovering the accident. Emergency recording begins 5 seconds prior to the collision, potentially providing the full truth of the accident without missing any crucial evidence.

Moreover, 70mai Dash Cam Omni also comes with a reliable Parking Guard with full-views rotation. With its 24H Parking Surveillance with Time-Lapse Recording, it will help to capture scenes during parking mode in real-time. It compresses every 30 minutes into 1-minute footage to have a general overview of a critical moment. These actions help to save memory space and potentially reduce battery usage as well as allow faster playback.

Featured with 70mai Night Owl Vision technology which is powered by the New PureCel®Plus-S HDR Technology, Omni delivers the best-in-class performance display. Additionally, it strongly reduces noise for better image resolution and enables the capture of clearer and higher-resolution images even in low-light conditions. Its advanced features allow for exceptional colour performance in ultra-high contrast scenarios, such as when entering or exiting tunnels.

70mai Dash Cam Omni is also a user-friendly product. Equipped with an Expanded ADAS System, it provides advanced warnings to prevent traffic safety hazards. The system also adds identification for pedestrians and riders to enhance safety measures during driving. Omni’s Smart Voice Control feature allows for hands-free operation while driving. Omni enables users to take photos, shoot emergency videos, and record in various directions by using voice commands. With this technology, you can ensure safety and convenience while on the road. In response to the feedback and reviews from users, 70mai has made enhancements to both the hardware and software components, including the incorporation of language support for 70mai Dash Cam Omni.

The pre-sale of the 70mai Dash Cam Omni has garnered positive feedback from both influencers and customers, and it is now available in both the US and Canada, and customers can purchase it directly from the 70mai Official Store, US Amazon and Canada Amazon. The 70mai Dash Cam Omni is readily available off the shelf, allowing customers to acquire it without any further delay. Boasting advanced technology and innovative features, this dash cam is the ideal option for drivers seeking a dependable and top-quality device. Don’t pass up this opportunity to enhance your driving experience – upgrade today!

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About 70mai

Founded in 2016, 70mai is an industry-leading auto intelligence company, with a specialization in dashboard cameras. To date, it has built a global market presence, selling 1.5 million dash cams in a single year to 100+ countries spanning Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. Leveraging established expertise in car jump starters and other battery products, the company also expanded its reach into the clean energy market, debuting its first power station in 2021 to meet the growing demand for portable power on the move. With the vision to deliver a safe, comfortable and networked experience both on and off the road, 70mai is dedicated to leading smart innovations that make your every journey easier.