The 6th China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition Eindhoven, Netherlands Division is Open for Registration


EINDHOVEN, Netherlands, Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — China (Shenzhen)Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, known as the “Olympics” of innovation and entrepreneurship circle, is here again! The sixth International competition was officially launched on July 15, 2022, in the form of “online + offline” integration, covering 10 countries. IEC Technology Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is the co-organizer (with government) of this event. At the same time, for the landing development enterprises who meet the conditions will be eligible to receive up to 1 million yuan start-up subsidies, individual can receive up to 1.85 million yuan bonus and start-up subsidies. The competition will also provide industrial support, science and technology finance, project incubation and other support for high-quality entrepreneurial projects, and give full play to the “four-chain” synergies of industrial chain, innovation chain, talent chain and education chain to help build the Shenzhen Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the pilot demonstration zone.

  Highlights of the Competitio

Insight into the latest trends in global technology, focusing on seven industry tracks, such as “the New Generation of Electronic Information, Digital and Fashion, High-end Equipment Manufacturing, Green and Low-carbon, New Materials, Biomedicine and Health, Marine Economy” Explore cutting-edge technology application scenarios, both “Industrial Software Design” and “Semiconductor Technology Research and Development” A “cloud event” comes together, spanning space, and connects 10 divisions around the world The rewards are generous, with eligible businesses eligible for up to ¥1 million in subsidies, and individuals up to ¥1.85 million There are many well-known venture capital institutions, for nearly 100 well-known venture capital institutions, all participating projects can get social capital investment opportunities through the investment docking service platform of the competition A comprehensive landing service system, covering “entrepreneurship counseling, mentors-experts docking, support policy docking” and so on, facilitates the rapid development of high-quality projects

Introduction to the Competition

The China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition aims to further promote the organic combination of talent, technology and capital, attract more overseas talents to start business and work in Shenzhen, select overseas high-end projects to settle in Shenzhen, and promote Shenzhen to become an international and innovative city full of charm, energy, vibrancy and creativity.

The Competition is divided into six stages: signing up, overseas competitions at divisions, reward competition, industrial final, the final and award ceremony. The total prize for the Competition is RMB 8.75 million, which is divided into four parts: final prize, industrial final prize, reward final prize and overseas division prize. Meanwhile, the Competition will also set up a competition service platform and provide services for projects taking part  in the Competition through establishing the competition service institutions, the expert pool and the venture capital pool in cooperation with investment institutions and provide a series of supporting policies in entrepreneurial space, business services, talent policy and other aspects.

Overseas Division

London, U.K. Division Berlin, Germany Division Sydney, Australia Division Toronto, Canada Division Tokyo, Japan Division Tel Aviv, Israel Division Eindhoven, Netherlands Division Madrid, Spain Division Silicon Valley, U.S. Division Paris, France Division

Competition schedule

Sign up: To end on September 30
Overseas Division Competition: Early October – Early November
Reward Competition: Early November
Industry Final: Mid November – Late December
Final and Awarding: Late December

(Note: The specific time of each competition is subject to notices by the Organizing Committee of International Competition)

Qualification requirements

Overseas high-level entrepreneurial teams or individuals with innovative achievements and entrepreneurial plans. The participant doesn’t register or act as legal representatives or shareholders of commercial entities in Shenzhen but plans to set up enterprises in Shenzhen or reach cooperation with relevant industries in Shenzhen after the competition. The ownership of products, technologies or related patents of the projects shall belong to the participants. All participants shall confirm that there is no property right dispute with others, and shall be responsible for any liabilities arising from/relating to infringement. Participants and projects that have won awards in the 1st China (Shenzhen) Innovation Competition of International Talent and previous China (Shenzhen) Innovation &Entrepreneurship Competition (including domestic and international competitions) cannot participate in this competition repeatedly.

How to Signing Up

Please visit for signing up

About Longhua District, Shenzhen

Longhua District was officially established as an administrative district on January 7, 2017. After years of development and planning, it has become a vibrant and promising hot spot for entrepreneurship. Longhua District takes the Digital Longhua and the Urban Core as its strategic goals, adheres to the concepts of digital industrialization, industrial digitization, governance digitization and digital value, strives to build a Digital Longhua consisting of digital economy, digital urban area and digital governance and establishes the regional development pattern of “one digital economic circle, one central dynamic area and three major urban corridors”.

About Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Eindhoven, the fourth largest industrial city in the Netherlands, is a city full of innovation and one of the four major high-tech settlements in Europe. It has established close ties with many outstanding companies such as Philips and DSM, and attaches great importance to modern information and communication technology.

High Tech Campus

The High Tech Campus Eindhoven used to be the location of the research and development headquarters of the Philips Group in the Netherlands. In 2015, it was named the Smartest Park in the world by Forbes. The park covers an area of 1 square kilometer and consists of three parts. Among them, the International Residential Community in the northeast is driven by the Eindhoven University of Technology and supporting international schools; the Design Industry Cluster in the northwest surrounds the Strijp S creative industry zone; and the High Tech Campus built Philips in south is a research and development base for various high-tech products. The park focuses on the development of three leading industries: health, energy and intelligent environment, centering on five major fields of microsystems, embedded systems, medical technology, infotainment systems and big data.

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