The 6th Annual Meeting of Weihai Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Council successfully held

WEIHAI, China, Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from 

The 6th Annual Meeting of Weihai Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Council was successfully held from September 2 to 3, with the theme “Proactively Integrating into the New Development Paradigm, Expediting Weihai’s Green and Low-Carbon High-Quality Development”. A think tank of 14 Advisory Council Members and Adviser from around the world once again focused on Weihai City, contributing strategies for the city to actively integrate into the green, low-carbon, and high-quality development pilot initiative of the province, building Fine City, Happy Weihai.

During the preparatory meeting on September 2, new Executive Chairman, Members, and Advisers of the Advisory Council were appointed, the implementation results of the previous Annual Meeting were reported. A round table meeting was held on September 3, where Council Members and Adviser gave keynote speeches of their fields, and contributed advice. Two panel meetings were held with the themes “Building a Zero-Carbon City, Setting up a Model for Sustainable Development” and “Actively Integrating into the RCEP Market, Accelerating Building the Four Ports Linkages International Logistics Channel”. Some Council Members, Adviser and experts delivered speeches, discussed and answered questions from local government departments, districts, county-level cities and enterprises.