Teoayeah Roars into 2024 by Unveiling N7 Classic and N7 Pro Electric Wiggle Cars

HOUSTON, Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Succeeding a uniquely impactful journey in innovation in kids’ toys with licensed Lamborghini Roadsters, Licensed Toyota models, and Harley-Davidson Jeep, Teoayeah returns in 2024 with two new models – the wiggly electric car N7 Classic and its powerhouse counterpart – the N7 Pro.


Teoayeah Roars into 2024 by Unveiling N7 Classic and N7 Pro electric wiggle cars

360° Controls for the most Versatile Experience 

Teoayeah introduces a complete 360° steering wheel for the first time in the domain with these models. Naturally, this translates to the most faithful experience next to the real thing for kids. Why settle for only the outdoors? They take the fun even indoors with thoughtful engineering inclusion of an auto and a manual mode. With the former, your child just presses the power button, and off we go by pressing the pedal. On the manual side, the kids slide with their feet while being in complete control of the steering wheel.

Light it Up on Melodious Journeys

Teoayeah baked fun and safety seamlessly with the N7 Classic and the N7 Pro. Whenever the car is on, it is not just twisting and gliding, but bright illumination of the front lights can lead the way while the super safe magnetic PU wheels flash with vibrant colors. To make the rides even sweeter, the engineers designed it in a manner that no batteries are required for the bright lights of the cars, enabling a more sustainable lifestyle and being durable simultaneously. Furthermore, the Bluetooth implementation on the cars connects to your smartphone to play your child’s favorite tunes as they glide along, cherishing their childhood to the fullest.

Ultimate Safety with Anti-Tip Over and Slow-Start Feature

Teoayeah places the highest priority on the uncompromising safety of your child. With this motivation, its oversized seats are both ergonomic and safe for your younglings. Constructed on a novel pressure-resistant body, they can carry both you and your child, so no one misses out! It is not just the looks, though. The anti-tip chassis with anti-tip rear wheels and its spring shock system ensures no tips or tilts and realizes the safest ride imaginable. Furthermore, regardless of which model you pick up, Teoayeah has you covered from unwanted sudden impacts using its slow start feature.

Present the Gift of a Wholesome Childhood

Pediatricians worldwide emphasize the importance of bright colors, music, and lively movements as stimulants of dynamic growth, hand-eye coordination, and balance. Consequently, the vivid cars are a testament to Teoayeah’s commitment to hearty childhood development. Moreover, both are effortlessly easy to install. Therefore, the N7 Classic and the N7 Pro make the safest, scholastic, and the most innovative gift for your children or loved ones’.

Which One to Pick – the Teoayeah N7 Classic or the N7 Pro?

The primary difference between the N7 Classic and N7 Pro is in their power. The N7 Classic boasts an impressive 6V battery, whereas the N7 Pro is powered by a gargantuan 12V battery, leading to speeds as high as 4 mph. If you prefer to set the lowest speed for additional safety, the stellar engineering on both the N7 Classic and the N7 Pro includes a safety plug-in button on the cars’ underside.

So, if your child is entirely new to riding any kind of toy vehicle, go with the N7 Classic.

For the ultimate experience, the Teoayeah N7 Pro is the way to go!

With the unveiling of the Teoayeah N7 Classic and the N7 Pro, the brand is kicking off 2024 with a bang. Committed to the safest and most joyous rides for your child, the thoughtful engineering behind the two new models is not an accident but a conscious endeavor. Reasonably, Teoayeah is extremely proud to announce the launch of the N7 Classic and N7 Pro. Given all their virtues, pick up the most innovative and scholastically rewarding cars for your child or as a gift.

About Teoayeah

Teoayeah is a young, energetic brand dedicated to providing children with safe and high-performance riding gifts, each toy car is equipped with specialized safety facilities to meet the riding needs of children of different ages, accompanying and caring for baby’s healthy growth! In a very short span of time, Teoayeah has earned extremely high praise from enthusiasts, social media influencers, digital media and consumers. Adhering to the motto of “LOVE, FOLLOW, SHARE”, Teoayeah brings the best playmates to accompany childhood to the most adorable audience, providing a wide range of quality gift options for parents, and each gift of love can span happy childhood and leave indelible and precious memories in the hearts of parents and children. To learn more about Teoayeah and to get in touch, please visit www.teoayeah.com.