Temu Expands Merchandise Selection to More Than 100 Product Categories to Cater to Diverse Customer Needs

NEW YORK, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Temu, the online marketplace offering quality goods at hard-to-beat prices, is expanding its selection of merchandise to meet the wide-ranging needs of customers as it enters its second month of operation.

Temu user browsing the mobile online marketplace app on her smartphone.

Visitors to the Temu website (www.temu.com) and mobile apps can browse the thousands of deals being uploaded each day across more than 100 product categories. They range from makeup and dresses to baseball gloves and power tools.  

Temu can rapidly expand its selection of quality, affordable merchandise because of its access to a global network of top-notch suppliers cultivated over the years by Pinduoduo. Both Temu and Pinduoduo are part of Nasdaq-listed PDD (NASDAQ: 100), one of the world’s biggest e-commerce groups with more than 11 million suppliers and manufacturers.

By connecting manufacturers directly with consumers through its digital platform, Temu can reduce the number of intermediaries standing between buyer and seller and keep prices low.

Launched in the US in September 2022, Temu was created with the goal of empowering consumers with more choices of quality products at affordable prices. Temu has said that it will benefit from Pinduoduo’s international brands initiative to help manufacturers create global brands and connect them to consumers globally.

About Temu:

Temu is a global online marketplace featuring the widest selection of unique quality merchandise at affordable prices, made possible by sourcing and fulfillment capabilities built over the years. Created with the goal of empowering consumers, Temu works closely with its global network of suppliers and logistics partners to create and curate personalized quality products for consumers to enjoy the conveniences and comforts of life.