TelePIX Selected as 2024 Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

SEOUL, South Korea, June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TelePIX, a leading South Korean space startup, has been honored as a 2024 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum (WEF). This prestigious recognition highlights TelePIX’s innovative contributions to the global tech landscape.

TelePIX has been named a 2024 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum

As a Technology Pioneer, TelePIX will collaborate with other Technology Pioneers and global leaders, providing valuable insights and expertise to WEF’s global initiatives. This recognition places TelePIX among an elite group of companies acknowledged for their innovative solutions and potential to address pressing global economic and social challenges.

The World Economic Forum, an International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation, hosts the annual Davos Forum, where business leaders, politicians, and journalists gather to discuss critical global issues. Each year, the WEF selects 100 leading tech startups as Technology Pioneers. This year, the focus is on companies making breakthroughs in AI for clean energy solutions, healthcare and biotechnology advancements, and innovations in space and neurotechnology.

This year’s cohort includes nine pioneering space companies, such as satellite manufacturers and space data firms. TelePIX is proud to be among these distinguished companies.

TelePIX specializes in developing high-resolution electro-optic payload solutions using satellite imagery to create new value in various industries. The company has introduced the AI-based satellite, BlueBON, which monitors blue carbon in marine ecosystems. This innovation earned TelePIX the Innovation Award in the ‘Human Security for All’ category at CES 2024. Additionally, TelePIX provides a commodity supply chain monitoring solution using satellite imagery. 

In collaboration with NVIDIA, TelePIX developed TetraPLEX, a high-performance AI processor designed for in-space edge computing. TetraPLEX enables efficient, on-the-spot data analysis directly within the satellite, significantly reducing both the time and cost associated with traditional ground-based processing. The processor will undergo an in-orbit demonstration in July, validating its performance and reliability in space.

“Satellite data is crucial for understanding our world and will continue to significantly impact the environment, economy, and society,” said Seongick Cho, CEO of TelePIX. “We are committed to leveraging our technology to address global problems through collaboration with international leaders. This recognition marks the beginning of TelePIX’s journey to become a global leader in spaceborne AI solutions.”

About TelePIX
TelePIX, a member of Global Digital Innovation Network (formerly known as Born2Global Centre), is making big waves in the small satellite scene. Founded in 2019, the company is quickly emerging as a leader in nanosatellite development and satellite imagery data analytics solutions, democratizing access to space and its valuable data. Their advanced technologies unlock a universe of possibilities, from Earth observation and big data analysis to on-orbit AI.

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