TECNO’s Security Response Center Authorized by the CVE Program

HONG KONG, March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Innovative technology brand TECNO is pleased to announce that it has been authorized by the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE®) Program as a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA). In line with its commitment to improving the digital security of its users, this authorization will see TECNO will contribute to the CVE Program’s mission of identifying, defining, and cataloging publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

CVE is an international initiative that relies on the efforts of companies and experts across diverse industries to discover flaws and weaknesses in digital ecosystems and software, with the goal of improving global cybersecurity and digital safety. As a partner of the program, or “CNA”, TECNO is authorized to publish vulnerabilities it discovers to the CVE List – the catalog of all published CVE records – within its specified scope. This community-based endeavor allows stakeholders to better identify and respond to potential security threats through global collaboration.

“TECNO has always had an earnest commitment to protecting users from digital threats, taking an active role in the industry through communication with relevant global experts and authorities,” said John Peng, head of security  department at TECNO. “By becoming an authorized CVE partner, we are reinforcing this commitment and taking even greater responsibility for maintaining a safe online environment and strengthening cybersecurity for users around the world.”

TECNO first established its official Security Response Center (SRC) in September 2021. The SRC is a platform that allows the brand to collect and investigate security vulnerabilities and intelligence reports, while also facilitating communications with security professionals and organizations. Its establishment marked a major upgrade of TECNO’s security ecosystem, highlighting the brand’s dedication to a more comprehensive level of user protection. Among the SRC’s initiatives is a bug bounty offering up to $10,000 for reporting security vulnerabilities, as the brand works to preemptively combat security issues and provide a more secure online environment.

TECNO’s authorization as a CVE partner is a recognition of its status as a global technology authority. In future, the brand will continue to prioritize cybersecurity and strengthen its ecosystems, working with international partners to improve the digital experience for users around the world.