TECNO Security Response Centre Strengthens the Strategic Partnership with HackerOne to Protect its Growing Global Users against Potential Security Risks

LONDON, July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TECNO, an innovative technology brand with operations in over 70 markets globally, has announced that its Security Response Centre will further strengthen strategic partnership with HackerOne, the world’s most trusted provider of ethical hacking solutions, by expanding the bug bounty program and increasing the reward to $10,000.  

The enhanced partnership will see TECNO’s Security Response Center build on its relationship with HackerOne in order to upgrade cybersecurity for TECNO’s global audience. Users will benefit even more from the work of HackerOne’s world-renowned team of experts, who pre-emptively combat cybercrime to provide a safer and more secure digital experience.

TECNO first established its Security Response Center (SRC) in September 2021. The platform collects security vulnerabilities and intelligence reports, and exchanges ideas with cybersecurity experts and organizations, to increase safety in the digital sphere. The creation of the SRC highlighted TECNO’s consistent commitment to cybersecurity and enabled the brand to upgrade its security ecosystem. The deepened collaboration with HackerOne ensures security will be advanced even further.

The vulnerability reward project of TECNO Security Response Center was firstly initiated in early 2022 as a result of the newfound partnership between TECNO and HackerOne. The project is a bug bounty program that aims to encourage external security researchers to submit vulnerabilities detected to the security team, in order to improve TECNO’s software protection capabilities.

The upgraded collaboration between TECNO SRC and HackerOne, becoming into effect from July 11, 2023, will push the envelope even further. The program will not only cover TECNO’s full range of smartphones, but also internet services such as website vulnerability scanning.Furthermore, the maximum reward for reporting a single security vulnerability increased from $7000 to $10,000, and TECNO SRC will also provide free testing equipment for security researchers to help them dig deeper into TECNO’s security vulnerabilities.

“TECNO is always dedicated to providing the best possible experience to our users and ensuring that experience to be safe and secure is our first priority,” said John Peng, head of TECNO security department, “HackerOne has been a leading force in the cybersecurity field for years now, and we are beyond thrilled to upgrade our bug bounty program with them to encourage more talented people to help us bring the most secure digital experience to our users around the world.”

“We’re delighted TECNO is opening their program to the entire global ethical hacker community. Engaging more of the community means TECNO will access an even wider range of skill sets to better secure their mobile devices. Prioritizing offensive security not only reaffirms TECNO’s commitment to keeping their customers safe, but gives new hackers the opportunity to engage with another bug bounty program.” Michiel Prins, Co-founder, Head of Professional Services at HackerOne shared.

HackerOne’s pre-emptive approach to cybersecurity and highly efficient process to stress test systems, surface bugs, and fix vulnerabilities has made them a top choice as TECNO’s valued partners. As a relentless champion of cybersecurity, HackerOne’s talent pool of millions of top ethical hackers and security experts will help TECNO SRC develop more robust and effective means to not only combat sophisticated scams and hacking tools, but also maintain a smooth, worry-free digital experience to the users.

Moving forward, TECNO will continue to devote its resources to safeguarding users from all cyber attacks and ensuring the safety of their data and privacy, with the goal of protect its growing global users against potential security risks.