Techtouch, the #1 Digital Adoption Platform Provider in Japan, Announces JPY 1.78 Billion Funding Round

TOKYO, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Techtouch, a top local provider of digital adoption platforms in Japan, announced today that it had raised JPY 1.78 billion with DNX Ventures as the lead investor.

Joining DNX Ventures in the round are new investors, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, SMBC Venture Capital, Mizuho Capital, NTT DOCOMO Ventures, Dentsu Ventures, Sony Innovation Fund, BRICKS FUND TOKYO and THE CREATIVE FUND and existing investors, DBJ Capital, and Archetype Ventures.

The investment brings Techtouch’s total funds raised to 2.4 billion yen. The primary use of the funds will be to invest in recruiting, marketing, and global expansion, starting from the Asia region.

Techtouch’s Digital Adoption Platform enables clients to drive their digital transformations through digital adoption. The company also announced a significant user milestone; it surpassed 2 million active users in December 2022. Techtouch owns the No.1 market share of the Japanese DAP market, according to the “ITR Market View: Customer Success Market 2022,” a market research report published by ITR.

With the latest funding, Techtouch will further increase investment in Japan, and at the same time, expand overseas operations, particularly in Asia. First, Techtouch aims to enforce customer support teams for overseas branches and overseas subsidiaries of Japanese enterprises and then invest in the sales and marketing division.

Techtouch currently serves three different client sectors.

(1) Large enterprises

Many large enterprises are implementing modern SaaS software in the context of digital transformation, such as Salesforce, SAP, Concur, and SuccessFactors. However, because employees cannot adapt to the rapid changes in systems and operations, the systems introduced for digital transformation purposes need to be used as intended. As a result, digital transformation is progressing slower than planned.

Techtouch guides every employee through their day-to-day operations, thus guaranteeing successful system implementations. Many top Japanese large enterprises, including financial institutions, have introduced the system.

(2) Public ministries and municipalities

Since December 2021, the Japanese government has set forth a “Priority Plan for the Realization of a Digital Society” to promote digitization in central ministries, public offices, and local governments. In addition, local governments are also seeking to improve the convenience of administrative procedures, simplify and streamline administrative operations, and in response to the growing needs of citizens due to changes in their lifestyles and work styles, such as the promotion of remote work, refraining from unurgent and unnecessary outings, and avoiding the three densities due to COVID-19, public offices and various local governments have begun to introduce e-application services.

However, there is a concern that users unfamiliar with the system operation will be left behind (digital divide) if the system only promotes the computerization of administrative procedures, and there is a need to remove barriers to the use of the system.

Techtouch solves this issue by providing an environment where anyone can operate the system without hesitation through guided navigation. The system’s convenience has been highly evaluated, and central ministries and local governments have already implemented Techtouch.

(3) SaaS companies

SaaS providers’ customer success staff are required to respond to a wide range of customer needs, and as a result, their support tends to be high touch. While high-touch support involves many resources, hiring customer success professionals and maximizing the customer experience with limited resources is challenging. Therefore, it is essential to streamline operations in the right places and to make customer success a tech-touch process, which is essential to product-led growth.

Techtouch solves this issue with a guide and navigation system that can be installed with no code. By utilizing a guided navigation system that can be easily installed even by business-side customer success staff with no coding expertise, “Techtouch” supports SaaS companies in implementing customer marketing, making “Techouch” and SaaS product-led growth available.

The system has been well received and is currently being implemented by many SaaS companies.

“So far, we have established the concept of digital adoption in many Japanese organizations. Using our current positioning, we will enforce our position as the Digital Adoption market leader in Japan. At the same time, in Asia, digital adoption as an enabler of digital transformation will become a major trend in the next decade.” said Naka Imuta, co-founder and CEO of Techtouch.

About Techtouch

Techtouch’s Digital Adoption Platform enables clients to drive their digital transformations.

We commit to creating a world in which all users can use any technologies through real-time guided navigation and to realize a society in which no one is left behind through digital transformation.

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