Tech innovator, Dalibor Ivkovic, announces new Salestrekker 2.0 as the mortgage industry’s first single lending, origination and CRM platform

SYDNEY, Sept. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Salestrekker 2.0 has announced Australia’s first combined lending, origination and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. The new features, flexibility, and functionality deliver unprecedented workflow and marketing automation to help brokers diversify from mortgages to new asset financing in a single platform – and without the need for external IT support.

According to Salestrekker founder and CEO, Dalibor Ivkovic: “The new Salestrekker 2.0 is a powerful tool to help finance brokers protect their market share and help fend off fintechs who are intent on eroding their margins.”

He outlined: “With bank-grade security, mobile origination capabilities and an enterprise solution for aggregators and subgroups, Salestrekker 2.0 delivers a single lending and origination and CRM platform that will change Australia’s lending landscape forever.”

Designed to provide better results in the future

Since its launch in 2015, Salestrekker has built a reputation as the most popular CRM solution for Australian mortgage brokers. Salestrekker 2.0 has been fully re-developed to help finance brokers stay ahead of industry trends. With supercharged automation, Quick tools, and deal scenarios, Salestrekker 2.0 can also be used on any device.

“Salestrekker 2.0 innovation is all about exceptional task functionality within a highly automated end-to-end solution. There is nothing else like it on the market. It’s easier than ever for a finance broker to diversify from mortgages to new asset financing,” Dalibor outlined.

Finance brokers can streamline an end-to-end sales process, lock in clients faster and improve revenue. It’s also a win-win for aggregators who can benefit from higher sales volumes.

Addressing new opportunities in a mobile world

Salestrekker 2.0 is differentiating itself with its powerful decision service to help brokers write loans and identify new opportunities from their existing client book and leads.

“Salestrekker 2.0 moves beyond a CRM platform that produces compliance documents, recommendations and lodgements. It now automates the client relationship beyond mortgages to highly lucrative personal and asset finance arrangements, delivering more competitive choices for everyday Australians and industry participants,” Dalibor explained.

He concluded: “Salestrekker 2.0 is Australia’s first truly mobile origination platform, letting brokers originate loans from any device, including smart phones and tablets.”

Salestrekker 2.0 comes with class-leading, bank-grade data security – plus a new user management system that allows business owners to secure access to relevant platform sections for their employees, contractors and referral partners.

Salestrekker 2.0 is available from 1 January 2024.

About Salestrekker

Salestrekker is a lending, origination and CRM platform designed to organise, collaborate, connect and automate the customer journey. From initially organising leads to automated workflows for reminders and documentation, Salestrekker has been re-developed in 2023 to deliver a unique experience for aggregators, finance brokers and customers.  

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