TCL Empowers Women Worldwide to Turn Their Dreams into Reality with Inspirational #EchoesOfGreatness Campaign

SHENZHEN, China, March 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TCL, a leading global intelligent technology company, today introduced #EchoesOfGreatness, its latest global campaign under the flagship #TCLforHer initiative. In celebration of International Women’s Day, the integrated campaign is dedicated to all the incredible women around the world and aims to encourage them to go after their dreams, transform them into a reality, and inspire others along the way.

“When those before us dream big, it inspires us to do the same and make our dreams come true,” said Yuki Wei, Vice President of TCL Technology and Chairman of the TCL Charity Foundation. “Over the years, TCL has been spotlighting women that are making a difference every day through #TCLforHer. We look forward to continuing this celebration of the strength and limitless potential of every girl and woman to dream big and live even bigger.”

The #EchoesOfGreatness campaign pays homage to renowned silent film actress Dorothy Cumming, who travelled from Australia to the United States in mid 1916 to follow her ambition of establishing a career in Hollywood. A trailblazer of her time that was relentless in pursuing her dream, Cumming eventually landed the breakthrough role of Mary in the 1927 film “The King of Kings”, which was also the very first film to stage its premiere at The Chinese Theatre, known today as TCL Chinese Theater, on Hollywood Boulevard.

Based on real-life interviews with Cumming’s family, news clippings and film studies, the legendary actress’ inspiring story was brought to life in #EchoesOfGreatness to honor her legacy and encourage women to keep the momentum going as the director of their own dreams. As part of the campaign, they are invited to share their stories and journey of turning dreams into reality – whether it was starting a business, pursuing a passion, or overcoming obstacles – on social media. Selected stories will be made into a movie by TCL to inspire others.

To TCL, technology holds the power to help girls and women from all walks of life to pursue greatness by opening up new avenues and opportunities. To underscore the role of technology in facilitating women’s empowerment, TCL is also set to kick off #TechForHer, an accompanying social media campaign that highlights the functions and potential of the company’s innovative technology in impacting lives, including girls’ and women’s. The campaign will also see online users interacting with TCL through various interactive polls.

Since its launch in 2020, #TCLforHer has been enabling the personal development of women worldwide as the Global Promotional Partner of FIBA’s “Her World, Her Rules” initiative, as well as in the “Break & Believe” campaign with FIBA. In addition, TCL has been working with Huameng Foundation to uplift young women and support their ambitions. By funding a number of female-focused programs and educational initiatives, TCL has helped close to 1,000 young women from underprivileged families to complete high school and tertiary studies.

In addition, TCL takes pride in embracing diverse voices and empowering more women to succeed in the workplace. In the past five years, the number of female executives at TCL Technology Group has increased steadily, with female leaders representing 21.1% of management positions in 2023. At the same time, the number of female employees at TCL’s R&D department has also increased for the past consecutive years, with women now taking up 13.8% of the company’s total expert base, igniting new sparks for technology breakthroughs.

With the mission to facilitate “The Creative Life”, TCL is committed to inspiring and empowering girls and women around the world to dream big and live their lives fully and creatively through their beauty, courage, tenacity, wisdom and loving.

TCL is a leading global intelligent technology company with a mission to “Inspire Greatness”. As a leading technology company, TCL provides diversified consumer electronics covering TVs, smartphones, audio and smart home products, as well as display technology and clean energy solutions. TCL is committed to bringing smart technology experiences and healthy lifestyles to consumers around the world.