TCL Announces a Series of New Connected Products that Improve Display Experiences at CES 2023

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TCL, a pioneer in display technology and affordable, smart connected experiences, announces a suite of new products at CES 2023. The line-up includes a range of smart products, including the TCL 40 Series smartphone range, two new devices with pioneering NXTPAPER technology and TCL RayNeo X2, TCL’s next-generation smart wearable glasses.

“TCL’s vision is to inspire greatness so more people can experience a fuller, smarter, richer life,” said Aaron Zhang, Chief Executive Officer at TCL Communication. “One of the ways we achieve this is by listening to customer feedback to constantly improve experiences. This enables us to deliver an enhanced range that offers innovative, connected, and immersive technologies at great value.”    

TCL 40 Series and MOVEAUDIO Air – limitless entertainment

TCL 40 Series

Kicking off TCL’s announcements is the TCL 40 Series, including the TCL 40 R 5G, TCL 40 SE, and TCL 408. Each device features enhanced NXTVISION screen technology, long-lasting battery, and 50MP AI-powered camera so customers can enjoy limitless entertainment all day and night. TCL democratizes technologies to offer premium-quality features at accessible prices to empower users to connect, explore and share.

For ultra-fast 5G, the TCL 40 R 5G packs a 7nm high performance 5G processor to keep you connected wherever you are. TCL 40 R 5G demonstrates TCL’s commitment to deliver 5G for all across, so more people can enjoy lightning fast, connected experiences.

For those who want full audio and visual immersion to keep them occupied on long commutes, TCL 40 SE comes with dual stereo speakers to match the 6.75-inch display. Moreover, it offers a 90 Hz refresh rate display, delivering an ultra-smooth visual experience.

Take exquisitely detailed photographs in style with the TCL 408. Its 2-in-1 hyper camera combines the 50MP main camera and an enhanced macro lens to capture images in amazing high resolution. TCL 408 also comes with dual stereo speakers.


Immersion isn’t just about display for TCL. Also launching at CES is the TCL MOVEAUDIO Air, the latest TCL earbuds to offer ultimate audio immersion. All-day battery with up to nine hours of music play and super-fast audio combine to deliver crystal-clear, well-balanced sound in a lightweight, comfortable fit.

NXTPAPER – expanding display innovation across categories

Beautiful, vivid screens aren’t just coming to smartphones. TCL is also expanding its innovative NXTPAPER display technology to new categories with the TCL NXTPAPER 12 Pro tablet and TCL’s first ever 2-in-1 detachable laptop, TCL BOOK X12 Go.

Both devices come with a 12.2-inch 2K NXTPAPER screen and a paper-like display that filters more harmful blue light by up to 61%[1] than regular screens. Eye protection hardware and software is layered to help reduce eye strain and retain original, vibrant colors without yellowing.

Most tablets that offer eye protection compromise on screen brightness, but NXTPAPER screens provide both supreme eye-care and a high-quality display experience. The screens are as bright as regular tablets – 100% more than the previous iteration of NXTPAPER – meaning visuals remain sharp and clear whilst also protecting vision.    


Lightweight and slim, TCL NXTPAPER 12 Pro is easy to carry and hold when watching movies on a flight or train. The 3:2 aspect ratio provides 18.5% more content than a regular 16:9 screen to facilitate efficiency. When paired with the TCL E-Pen (included), jot notes, sketch a plan, or check off that “to do” list, with amazing paper-like smoothness. So, whether playing with multiple apps, watching a game while analyzing stats, or sinking into a new novel, TCL NXTPAPER 12 Pro offers a truly immersive display experience.


TCL BOOK X12 Go provides unlimited creativity and productivity capabilities so users never have to compromise. Windows 11 Home pre-installed, whilst the robust Octa-core processor and 14-hour long-lasting battery supports all day use and gets more done.

Compact Tablet – the portable and efficient multi-tasker for those on-the-go

The TCL TAB 8 LE is the perfect ultra-compact tablet for staying connected at home and on the go. With a portable and featherweight design, this small wonder fits easily in a large pocket or small bag.

TCL TAB 8 LE sports an 8-inch HD display, quad-core processor, LTE connectivity and an all-day 4080mAh battery. The 5MP front and rear cameras are ideal for recording videos on vacation or catching up with the team at work on a video call. Dual stereo speakers deliver immersive sound, while the 32GB internal storage packs enough memory for your favorite apps and also supports expandable microSD™ card storage up to 512GB, so saving a whole TV series to watch on the next road trip is convenient and easy.

Smart wearable glasses – the next step into the future display experiences 

TCL takes a major step forward in augmented reality in 2023 with the launch of its next generation AR glasses: TCL RayNeo X2.

TCL RayNeo X2

Taking the industry lead to implement the groundbreaking display technology of binocular full-color Micro-LED optical waveguide display, TCL RayNeo X2 serves various functions like smart navigation, auto-translation, photography, filming and music-playing in a regular glasses design. Major display upgrades of a high contrast ratio of 100,000:1 as well as image brightness of up to 1000 nits make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage.    

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon® XR2 platform, TCL RayNeo X2 features simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and gesture recognition interaction. This device is a traveler’s dream. Its powerful mapping technology shows nearby landmarks and its integrated advanced AI translation system breaks down language barriers. TCL RayNeo X2 can translate conversation and display subtitles from several different languages in real-time. Instant calls and message notifications pop up timely. TCL RayNeo X2 serves as your daily smart assistant in work and life.

Also at CES, the TCL NXTWEAR S wearable display glasses makes its debut to the U.S. market. Featuring an equivalent 130-inch, high-definition screen at four meters away, new-generation dual 1080p Micro OLED displays, and a unique acoustic phase cancellation mode, TCL NXTWEAR S offers you cinematic audiovisual experience at anywhere, anytime.


TCL takes a bold step in bringing virtual reality experiences to market with the NXTWEAR V virtual reality concept. With only 236g, the light and comfortable wear, enables users to forget which reality they are in as they experience realistic color performance and interactivity. The display, developed by TCL CSOT, produces a realistic color performance thanks to the VR optical module providing 108-degrees field of view and 1512ppi pixel density, improving both picture quality and relief from dizziness. Whether discovering the metaverse, playing immersive games, or learning new skills, TCL NXTWEAR V captivates users in a world they will want to explore for hours.

Availability and pricing

TCL 40 R 5G: from $219, availability now in Europe, coming to select regions TCL 40 SE: from $169, going on sale in Europe Q1 2023, coming to select regions TCL 408: from $129, launching in Asia and Europe Q1 2023, coming to select regions TCL MOVEAUDIO Air is available now for $39.99. TCL NXTPAPER 12 Pro is available now for $499. A 5G version will be available later this year for $549. TCL BOOK X12 Go goes on sale later this year. TCL TAB 8 LE goes on sale in the U.S. later this month starting for $159 TCL RayNeo X2 will be available for developer community in select regions by the end of Q1 2023 following by a commercial launch later. TCL NXTWEAR S will go on sale in the U.S. in Q1 2023 with RRP at $399.

Prices may vary by region.

TCL inspires greatness by bringing products together in a connected ecosystem through TCL LINK, which allows TCL smartphones, earbuds, tablets, laptops, and smart wearables to communicate with each other, giving users the opportunity to enjoy and manage multiple devices anywhere in the world.

[1] Figure calculated based on stringent internal testing procedures

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