Talents Determine the Future! CIMC Group’s CDHR System Project Launches

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the kick-off meeting of CIMC Group’s CDHR System Project was held at its headquarters in Shenzhen, marking the official stage of the pilot construction. Following the “New Silk Road” ERP project, this is another digital management transformation and upgrade project for CIMC Group. CIMC Group will take the lead in conducting a pilot construction of a comprehensive human resources module system in six sectors of the Group and its 13 subsidiary companies to expedite the digitization and intelligent upgrade of management.

The kick-off meeting of CIMC Group’s CDHR System Project 1

Mr. Gao Xiang, Chairman of CIMC Group; Mr. Yu Yuqun, Vice Chairman and Head of Project Leader Group; Mr. He Jin, General Manager of the Group’s Human Resources Department and Deputy Leader of Project Leader Group; Mr. Pan Jinjie, CIO of the Group, General Manager of the Group’s Data Network Center, and Deputy Leader of the Project Leader Group; Mr. Dai Yaohua, Deloitte China Deputy CEO and CEO of Deloitte Management Consulting China; Mr. Xu Zhengchun, Vice President of SAP Global and Co-General Manager of SAP China, and other leaders attended the meeting.

Talent is the primary resource of an enterprise. Against the backdrop of digital transformation, it is of great significance to establish a systematic and digital talent management model that drives the transformation and upgrade of management systems and mechanisms. This is crucial for promoting CIMC Group’s high-quality development in a solid manner.

The CIMC Group’s CDHR system is jointly developed by CIMC Group, Deloitte, a globally renowned management consulting firm, and SAP, the world’s largest management software service provider, to establish a first-class and exemplary human resources system in the industry.

The “C” in “CDHR” represents CIMC, which embodies the system’s capability to respond to and drive the needs of various user groups through custom development and cloud services. It aims to create core values for users and support the Group’s strategy and business. Additionally, the “C” also denotes Cloud. Cloud technology is an important strategy in the system’s construction. The “D” represents Digital, highlighting the system’s goal of empowering human resources work through digitization to achieve digitalization and digitizing business operations. Furthermore, the “D” also represents Data, as the system leverages data operation and management to create data value.

During the meeting, Mr. He Jin introduced the principles of the system, namely “product thinking” and “user thinking”. Through the construction of three major platforms, “Management Dashboard”, “HR Workbench”, and “Employee Experience Center”, the system aims to create core values for group managers, HR, and employees. It will continuously provide effective support for the Group’s organizational and talent work, as well as strategic and business development.

Mr. Yu Yuqun vouched for the preliminary work carried out by the project team and raised higher expectations for the project’s progress, emphasizing the importance of efficient collaboration and close cooperation within the Group and its segments. He expressed confidence that CIMC Group, in deepening cooperation with Deloitte and SAP, can make a good start for the digitalization of human resources.

Subsequently, Mr. Dai Yaohua and Mr. Xu Zhengchun, representing Deloitte and SAP, respectively, expressed their willingness to integrate resources from all parties and increase investment continuously to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the project.

In conclusion, Mr. Gao Xiang emphasized that one of the key initiatives to realize the Group’s strategy is advancing talent development. Building an efficient human resources management system has become urgent. He urged all sectors and subsidiary companies to attach great importance to the digital transformation of talent management, as it is not only a core part of the company’s internal digital transformation but also a crucial support for building core competitiveness.

Gao Xiang believed that through joint efforts and sincere cooperation with strategic partners, CIMC Group will successfully complete the project tasks. Furthermore, the successful launch of the system will undoubtedly propel the development of the Group’s human resources to a new level.

The kick-off meeting of CIMC Group’s CDHR System Project 2