Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub establishing an international platform to connect and facilitate new business opportunities

TAIPEI, Nov. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub (TEH) organized the “2023 Global HealthTech Connects Taipei” and Demo Day Showcase during the Taipei International Startup Festival on November 10. The event brought together six international winning teams from this year’s online pitch contest, local startup teams, and Taipei Biotech Award teams. It provided a platform for networking and showcasing products and services through open presentations, facilitating interactions between startups, business partners, industry experts, and venture capitalists.

The Taipei City Government’s Department of Economic Development emphasizes that the strategic introduction of international startup, along with their crucial technologies and research capabilities, is a key initiative in assisting the city’s industrial technology collaboration and transformation. This has consistently been a significant goal for Taipei City. In recent years, the city government has actively connected with the global startup ecosystem, utilizing TEH as its emblematic brand. It has organized diverse exchange activities spanning various industries and time zones, aiming to foster the richest and most well-guided entrepreneurial community and transform innovative and entrepreneurial energy into a driving force for Taipei’s city diplomacy. Through series events such as the Demo Day, the city actively invites globally outstanding startup teams to explore potential collaboration opportunities in Taipei and establish a presence in the city.

On the day of the event, during the morning forum, five industry experts from Singapore, Japan, and the United States were invited. They engaged in discussions with partners such as the Taipei Computer Association, Taipei Bioinnovation Park, and Taipei Medical University BioMed Accelerator. In the afternoon at the Demo Day Showcase, Mayor Chiang Wan-an welcomed the startup teams who had traveled from afar. Additionally, nearly a hundred investors, business owners, and partners from the academic and entrepreneurial communities attended, including Taipei Medical University President Wu Max and Hans Lee, the Investment Director of BE Health. The event was a collaborative effort and a collective participation of various stakeholders in the startup ecosystem.

Taipei Medical University President Wu expressed great honor in having Taipei Medical University BioMed Accelerator participate in the “2023 Global HealthTech Connects Taipei.” He led both domestic and international teams on a tour of Taipei Medical University, showcasing the institution’s ability to integrate Taipei’s medical resources. In the face of significant changes in the healthcare environment, the affiliated hospitals within the Taipei Medical University system will continue to uphold healthcare values, genuinely assisting the public and enhancing trust in medical quality.

Hans Lee, the Investment Director of BE Health, emphasized that the development and application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) are key areas of interest for the future of BE. AI not only enhances production efficiency and promotes industrial technological advancements but, when integrated with the biotech and medical industries, it shortens the distance between doctors and patients, improving the convenience of human life in alignment with current medical needs.

Furthermore, Jenny Yang, Managing Director at Taipei Bioinnovation Park, discussed the cooperative efforts with startups. The park, which commenced operations in March of this year, plays a crucial role in promoting collaboration. Ms. Yang mentioned that the park is strategically located in the core area of the Bio-ICT industry. The operational team possesses network advantages in industrial hubs such as Taipei’s Nangang Software Park, Bangalore in India, and Subic Bay in the Philippines. The park provides support for the development of the biotech and medical industries, including incubation services, clinical trials, pilot production facilities, and strategic partnerships. This comprehensive support equips startup teams with abundant resources, enabling them to connect with various resources across Taiwan and achieve their goal of entering the international market.

During the stay of international startup teams in Taiwan, TEH assisted these teams in expanding the necessary network connections for development in Taiwan. In addition to arranging customized business matchmaking, TEH also led the teams on company visits, facilitating opportunities for the development of the startup teams in Taiwan. Taipei Medical University expressed the possibility of future collaboration with the Singaporean team, Iflowtech. The Czech team, FireFly, will discuss collaborative research project plans with National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, anticipating further cooperation in the future. BE Health, as well as Fubon Financial Holding Venture Capital, continues to assess the feasibility of investment cooperation with the Indian team, MayaMD.

Furthermore, the winning teams from Taipei City’s startup competition and Taipei Biotech Award took advantage of this opportunity to actively establish connections with various corporate partners and investors through the event. Among them, 5Voxel. is looking forward to collaborate with Pacific 8 Ventures, and EpiSonica is anticipated to have further developments with venture capitalists such as Isaiah Capital.

Looking ahead, TEH will continue to integrate resources and assist international entrepreneurs in developing their ventures in Taipei. Stay tuned for the latest updates by following Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub on their official Facebook fan page or LinkedIn page!