Taipei Cycle 2024: Acer Gadget Expands E-bike Portfolio, Emphasizing E-mobility for Smart and Sustainable Lifestyles

Acer Gadget unveils the Predator eNomad-R e-bike and Acer & Predator e-scooters; conducts live demos of its smart cycling trainers in partnership with ROUVY

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The Predator eNomad-R e-bike blends urban and off-road versatility with its aluminum alloy frame, dual front suspension, and 20″x4″ wide tires, powered by a robust motor to tackle various terrains effortlessly. The Acer eCargo-R e-bike with a maximum load capacity of 190 kilograms and featuring shelves to accommodate additional bags and items like a child seat, caters to daily commuting, parenting, and delivery needs. Acer Gadget showcases a range of micro-mobility solutions, featuring the Acer ES Series 7, Acer ES Series 1, and Predator ES Series 7 e-scooters for effortless cruising through urban landscapes and conquering inclines with ease. Acer Gadget expands its product offerings with Acer Revivify eco-friendly bags to address diverse urban commuting needs. Acer Gadget demonstrates the Xplova NOZA V smart trainer in official collaboration with ROUVY, simulating an immersive cycling experience to optimize rider performance.

TAIPEI, March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At Taipei Cycle 2024, Acer Gadget showcased its latest advancements in e-bikes and e-Scooters, underscoring its dedication to sustainable development and user-centric design. Leading the innovations is the Predator eNomad-R e-bike, a testament to urban off-road versatility with its sturdy aluminum alloy frame, dual front suspension for enhanced comfort on uneven terrain, and 20″x4″ wide tires. It’s equipped with a SHIMANO CUES 9-speed transmission and a potent 750W motor, ensuring adeptness across diverse terrains.

Acer Gadget unveils the Predator eNomad-R e-bike

Acer eCargo-R E-bikes Meet Diverse Urban Mobility Needs

Designed for diverse urban lifestyles, the Acer eCargo-R e-bike seamlessly combines commuting, parenting, and delivery needs. It provides a maximum load capacity of 190 kilograms and a low center of gravity for better handling. In addition, front and rear shelves accommodate additional bags, while the long rear shelf can also carry items like a child seat or surfboard, ensuring convenience and comfort in daily scenarios.

Acer ES Series & Predator ES Series E-scooter Latest Lineup

Acer Gadget’s e-Scooter lineup meets growing global demand with tailored options. The Acer ES Series 7 suits those needing long-distance endurance, while the Predator ES Series 7 is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts seeking robust performance for challenging terrains. The lightweight Acer ES Series 1 is ideal for easy commuting. Additionally, the Predator Extreme offers off-road adventure capabilities, expanding the range to ensure a fitting ride for every user preference.

Acer Revivify Series: Stylish, Sustainable Cycling Accessories

Acer Gadget also launched the Acer Revivify Series line of eco-friendly cycling bags made with recycled materials. Crafted from a diverse array of reclaimed materials such as inner tube and PET bottle yarn, the series not only highlights durability and water-repellent but also features a rugged aesthetic with unique textures in every piece, showcasing a perfect fusion of fashion and functionality.

NOZA V and ROUVY AR: Revolutionizing Indoor Training for Cyclists

Additionally, Acer Gadget’s sports and cycling brand, Xplova, officially collaborated with ROUVY to provide an immersive virtual reality cycling experiences, enhancing rides with the NOZA V smart trainer for real-world simulations and performance tracking.

ebii E-bike: A Global Phenomenon in Sustainable Mobility

The multiple award-winning AI-driven ebii e-bike, which debuted in 2023, continues to draw acclaim, featuring in TIME Magazine as one of the best inventions of 2023 and honored with the Good Design Award and the Taiwan Excellence Award. Its ebiiGO app received recognition from the Red Dot Design Award and the Taipei Cycle d&i Awards.

Visit Acer Gadget’s booth (Booth No. R0214) at Taipei Cycle 2024 from March 6-9, 2024 at 4F, Hall 2 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center for more information. For inquiries, contact [email protected].

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