Systecon Opus Suite Provides Through Life Analysis Focus to the Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP)

STOCKHOLM, June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Systecon, a leading provider of software and services for analysis-driven Life Cycle Management (LCM), is proud to support the Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP), in the groundbreaking trilateral collaboration project between the United Kingdom, Italy, and Japan to develop a next-generation fighter aircraft by 2035.

A long-term trusted supplier and partner to many of the main stakeholders involved in GCAP, Systecon has been selected by BAE Systems Air to deliver Opus Suite software and related services to the GCAP Head Quarter, where it will be leveraged to support the program’s data-driven LCM-approach and contribute to the development of a truly sovereign 6th generation fighter jet. 

With a rich history of over two decades supporting BAE Systems and their use of Opus Suite in a wide range of programs, Systecon is both honored and committed to supporting the BAE Systems Air GCAP Team at Warton as well as the collaborative efforts at the main GCAP program office.

Leading-edge Analytics to Influence Vital Early Decisions

The recent procurement of Opus Suite optimization software OPUS10 and simulation software SIMLOX for dedicated use by the GCAP HQ is a testament to Systecon’s dedication to providing leading-edge analytics and reliable decision support for supportability engineering, systems engineering, and mission engineering. Opus Suite facilitates a through-life approach from the current early stages, and onwards through the programme’s life cycle. The unanimous commitment to a data-driven approach and model-based decision support in the GCAP programme will be a key element in the collaboration between the three prime contractors BAE Systems, Leonardo, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), as well as with the other key stakeholders.

“Systecon is proud to deliver software and services to the GCAP program. In these early stages of a program, the application of a true LCM perspective has an immense impact. The early decisions on design and supportability are decisive for what mission capability, readiness and cost-effectiveness can be achieved by this fighter program during its entire life span. Needless to say, the very reason Opus Suite exists is to support and influence such key decisions. From the conceptual stages and throughout the life cycle, ‘cradle to grave’. Hence we are of course delighted to have the opportunity to support this flagship program, and we are also proud to have all three prime suppliers BAE Systems, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Leonardo as long-term Opus Suite clients, as well as several of the other key GCAP suppliers. We are committed to continue supporting the GCAP program and all involved stakeholders to achieve its ambitious goals,” said Dan Andersson, CEO of Systecon Group.

The GCAP program is driving the development of cutting-edge technologies and capabilities that will define the future of combat aviation. Systecon’s Opus Suite, a comprehensive software suite for model-based decision support through strategic and tactical optimization, simulation, and cost analysis, is perfectly suited to support this complex and demanding program.

“In the complex landscape of global defense collaboration, the Global Combat Air Programme represents a milestone in international partnership and innovation. Systecon is privileged to contribute our expertise and Opus Suite solutions to this transformative initiative adopting a through-life responsibility and LCM mindset right from the start. Through data-driven Life Cycle Management, we aim to ensure a cost-effective design that meets operational requirements,” said John Gallagher, CEO of Systecon UK.

Opus Suite Provides Strategic and Tactical Optimization Throughout the Life Cycle

Opus Suite software provides a broad range of analysis capabilities for all stages of the life cycle. Application areas in the early phases include:

Translating operational requirements to RAM and Supportability requirements, on system, subsystem, or component levels Assess and compare alternative system design alternatives, maintenance concept alternatives, and operational concepts by predicting their impact on performance, life cycle cost, readiness, robustness, adaptability, and other overarching objectives Budgeting and life cycle cost analysis, financial risk management, cost driver identification and mitigation, etc. Optimize maintenance, support, and repair concepts, including LORA Maintenance planning, including maintenance task modelling and analysis, as well as dimensioning of personnel and resources Fleet dimensioning based on operational requirements and projected RAM-C properties

GCAP is a hugely significant program for the security, political, and economic prosperity of each nation, and effective knowledge and technology transfer will help to evolve and deliver important sovereign combat air capability in each nation for generations to come. With an analysis-driven approach, and a focus on through-life performance and cost from the outset, utilizing Systecon’s Opus Suite to provide the modeling and analysis capability, GCAP aims to ensure that the next-generation fighter will not only provide next-generation technical features, but also the readiness levels, robustness, and cost-effectiveness required to achieve these objectives.

Several key stakeholder organizations in the GCAP program have been relying on Opus Suite for many years in many other programs as well, including UK MoD Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S), BAE Systems, Leonardo Sp.A, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Leonardo UK, MBDA Italy, MBDA UK, and Rolls Royce.

About Systecon

Systecon is a leading provider of decision support solutions, specializing in optimizing complex systems for military and commercial applications. With a track record of excellence, Systecon delivers innovative tools and expertise to empower organizations worldwide.

For over 50 years Systecon has developed methods and software for analysis-driven life cycle management. Our solution Opus Suite is used by organizations across the globe in different industries, from defense to renewables to transport, to make informed, smarter decisions in all phases of the system life cycle. We have the methodology, tools, and experience to understand and influence the factors that affect the performance and costs of technical systems – e.g., aircraft, trains, or wind turbines – and to optimize operations, system design, and maintenance solutions based on our customers’ conditions and objectives. Today Systecon is a thought leader in analytical LCM and many of the world’s most complex technology projects rely on our tools and expertise.

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