SYLVOX appeared with the concept of full-scene TV, and outdoor Google TV attracted much attention at 2023 CES

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (hereinafter referred to as “CES”) officially kicked off in Las Vegas on January 5, 2023, US time. Sylvox was invited to participate in the exhibition and appeared at CES with the latest creative and intelligent full-scene TV products.

At this CES, there are a lot of highlights in the “Venetian 51761” booth of Sylvox. During the exhibition, it attracted a large number of visitors and received interview by many media including CNN, The New York Times, Android Guys, TechRadar, etc.

Full-scene TV brand SYLVOX, at 2023 CES

As a pioneer brand of full-scene TV, Sylvox has a keen and advanced understanding of the global product market and the future development trend of products.

At the 2023 CES, Sylvox’s exhibition products include the amazing concept of “Private Outdoor Cinema” and products, the revolutionary outdoor TV with Mini QLED technology, floating waterproof portable TV, the pull-down kitchen TV with hidden space and many other creative and innovative products, covering living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor garden, RV travel, business scenes and other multi-dimensional living areas.

The new concept of “Private Outdoor Cinema” launched by SYLVOX leading the new era of family entertainment

The concept of “Private Outdoor Cinema” is based on Sylvox’s leading outdoor TV technology and innovative concept, which is composed of an outdoor TV, a set of Bluetooth audio equipment, and a set of retractable wall-mounted bracket. The whole scheme realizes the high standard of outdoor waterproof requirements, as well as the cinema-level visual and auditory effects of outdoor environment, which is an outstanding embodiment of Sylvox’s future planning of smart home ecosystem.

Mini QLED outdoor TV achieving the best picture effect

Equipped with 1000+ Mini QLED full-array backlight, dynamic contrast greater than 100000:1 and high brightness of 3000cd/m2, Sylvox Mini QLED outdoor TV presents clear pictures to users at any time in the outdoor environment; it also has 4K ultra-high definition resolution, 120Hz high refresh rate, IPS LCD screen, and less than 8ms HDMI input delay, which can bring the best user experience.

The water drenching SYLVOX Mini QLED outdoor waterproof TV attracts huge crowds of onlookers

The first floating waterproof portable TV with the perfect inspiration for swimming pool, bathtub and camping

Sylvox also introduced a new design scheme on the waterproof portable TV with the waterproof grade of IP65, that is ultra-thin floating technology. With the help of precise waterproof technology and polymer materials, it can achieve the effect of floating freely in the swimming pool and bathtub. This portable TV realizes the true meaning of “portable”. Whether you are camping or playing in the swimming pool, you can enjoy TV programs at any time.

Enjoy your wonderful cooking time by the hidden pull-down kitchen TV Potato Series and the cabinet door kitchen TV Steak Series without taking up space

The two latest kitchen TVs launched by Sylvox make it possible to watch favorite TV programs while cooking, which can freely download cooking APP and become more practical cooking lecture learning machine; the 360 ° free rotation base of the Potato Series kitchen TV can provide the best viewing angle; the Steak Series kitchen TV replaces the storage mode of the cabinet door, which makes the kitchen more beautiful and tidy; with the space-saving foldable design and the openable design for replacement of cabinet door, it is also available for small kitchen.

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