Sydney school sets the standard for modern management

SYDNEY, Feb. 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As schools nationwide grapple with the challenges of resource limitations, skills shortages, device maintenance and security concerns, one independent NSW school saw this as an opportunity. The school partnered with Devicie, an innovative solution for automated device management and is now leading the way in modern management.

Young student using computer in a school library

One of the pressing problems for this local school, with 250 staff and 1,000 students, was how to improve its IT capabilities to manage devices with limited resources. The school’s IT team lacked confidence in the consistency of operating system (OS) patching and application updates and didn’t have time to implement controls to mature compliance and harden security.

The school decided to engage Devicie, which offers a transformative automation solution that unlocks the full potential of Microsoft Intune (Intune) and eliminates repetitive day-to-day device management tasks. Devicie configured the school’s Intune instance in line with their unique requirements and industry best practices. Through automated patching, software remains up to date and runs smoothly, and automated application updates ensure consistency and minimise security risks.

Leading the engagement was Devicie’s Head of Solutions, Sean Ollerton, who expressed his enthusiasm with the results, stating, “We are thrilled to help our education customers achieve modern management. We believe that device management should be simple, secure, and scalable. Our solution enables IT teams to automate device management tasks, leverage the power of Intune and gain visibility and control over their device fleets. We are proud to work with our partners and customers to help them solve challenges around security, compliance and resourcing by automating their device management.”

Devicie automates the ongoing tasks of patching OS, updating applications, and ensuring policies are applied consistently. New devices can be sent straight to end users and set up using Zero Touch Provisioning. The school’s IT team has enhanced control and visibility over its device fleet, with near real time analytics. As a result, security is hardened and compliance matured, without compromising the IT team’s productivity.

For more information about Devicie and its transformative solution for schools, read the case study.

About Devicie:

Devicie is passionate about accelerating security and productivity through device management. They believe the needs of IT, security and compliance professionals and end-users can be met efficiently, affordably and with minimal friction. They’re building the tools to make it happen.

Devicie is a device management automation solution that helps organisations simplify, secure, and scale their device management. Devicie leverages Microsoft Intune to automate device management tasks, such as OS patching, application updates, device configuration and compliance. Devicie also provides enhanced reporting and analytics to help organisations monitor and improve their device management status. Devicie works with organisations of all sizes and industries, including education, healthcare, government, and finance.