SwitchBot’s First Matter Hub Debuts at CES

HONG KONG, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SwitchBot’s new Hub 2 debuts at CES 2023. With its Matter support, SwitchBot ecosystem products are supposed to work with Matter through Hub 2, with the first to come being SwitchBot Curtain.

SwitchBot First Matter Hub with Thermo-hygrometer

SwitchBot Hub 2 is a Wi-Fi-based Matter hub that can make SwitchBot Bluetooth products Matter compatible. After connecting to Hub 2, these Bluetooth devices can be controlled on Apple Home or other platforms via Matter. Users can also check the temperature and humidity on Apple Home based on Hub 2’s thermo-hygrometer function.

SwitchBot Curtain Will Be Matter Compatible in February with Hub 2

SwitchBot Curtain will be the first to support Matter in late February when Hub 2 is officially launched. SwitchBot Curtain can be controlled on Apple Home App over Matter during the CES demo. It will officially support Matter via OTA when the final certification is done in late February. Other SwitchBot products will be able to support Matter in sequence throughout this year.

SwitchBot Hub 2: An Ultimate 4-in-1 Hub

Matter hub for SwitchBot Bluetooth products. Temperature and humidity indicator. It has a LED display that can change its brightness with a light sensor built-in. It also has two Scene Keys on the front to trigger Scenes preset in SwitchBot App. The Keys can also control other SwitchBot ecosystem products, such as SwitchBot Bot and SwitchBot Curtain. IR control function is strengthened, with 100% larger coverage than Hub Mini.

SwitchBot Will Attend CES and Demo Its New Hub 2 with Matter

You can find SwitchBot CES booth at the below location:

1/5-1/8 CES Booth Number 53635, Venetian Expo Halls A-D

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