SwitchBot launches its S10 robot vacuum on Kickstarter

The first robot vacuum that never needs manual refilling, even refills humidifiers and drains dehumidifiers, with plans to support Matter.

TOKYO, Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SwitchBot, a smart home company known for its retrofit robots, is excited to announce the launch of the SwitchBot S10 on Kickstarter on October 16th with a super early bird price. Its flagship and innovative feature is that it connects directly to plumbing systems for self-refilling and self-draining.

The world’s first cleaning robot that can refill and drain itself.

This revolutionary robot vacuum stands out with its autonomous Water Station, fitted with two pipes. One pipe connects to clean water while the other links seamlessly with the sewage drain system. Once connected to water pipes, it functions similarly to a washing machine: self-supplying, and draining water without any manual help.

S10 offers unparalleled flexibility. The Water Station is able to share the water supply of dishwasher or washing machine using the three-way accessories provided by SwitchBot. Even if users don’t have a dishwasher or washing machine, they can still use the special water pipes that SwitchBot provides to connect to their home’s plumbing system.

Place S10 anywhere with a water supply.

The Water Station is compact and powered by the robot, measuring only 100mm long and 400mm high. So even when users add SwitchBot Auto-emptying station, it’s still much smaller than “All-in-1 Robot Vacuums”.

For homes where the water connection may not be possible, SwitchBot offers an alternative solution: an external water tank with a fresh water capacity of 2.5 liters and a sewage capacity of 2 liters. As part of the Kickstarter campaign, this accessory will be offered to all backers at no extra cost.

Automatically helps refill humidifiers and drain dehumidifiers

The self-refilling vacuum supports SwitchBot Evaporative Humidifier – automatically providing it with clean water, and draining dirty water from the SwitchBot dehumidifier to the sewage system.

The SwitchBot Evaporative Humidifier on Kickstarter as an add-on is $129. With cool mist technology, 0 white dust, 0 furniture damage.

The dehumidifier is not available on Kickstarter now and is expected to be available by the end of 2024.

Plan to support Matter

The SwitchBot S10 will support Matter via OTA once Matter supports the robot vacuum category in the future.


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Media Contact: Sean Tan, pr@switch-bot.com