Swit announces partnership with CMS Lab to innovate company culture and productivity

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Swit Technologies Inc., a global work OS solution provider, announced that it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with CMS Lab, a leading medical cosmetic company in the global dermocosmetic market, to innovate company culture and productivity.

(Starting from left) Swit’s Sales Vice President Lee Ju-won, CMS Lab’s CEO Lee Jin-soo, Swit’s Co-founder and CEO Josh Lee, CMS Lab’s Executive Vice President Kim Ki-hoon

CMS Lab, with its advanced technologies based on medical knowledge, has played a leading role in the dermocosmetic market for the past 20 years, launching its products in 3,000 clinics, hospitals, Olive Young stores, and more than 30 countries including the United States, China, Japan, and Russia. CMS Lab also won the 10 Million Dollar Export Tower from the Korea International Trade Association in 2021.

While expanding its business in the specialist and retail markets, CMS Lab has been putting efforts toward employee satisfaction and happiness in addition to customer satisfaction. CMS Lab won the Grand Prize in the Happiness Management category in 2021 and the Best Family-oriented Company Certification in 2019.

Swit Technologies, a work OS company that provides an enterprise-level collaboration and project management solution, helps the companies with digital transformation by supporting integration with email, calendar, document management, and conference call features of Google and Microsoft and helping the employees work more efficiently and productively.

With the partnership between Swit Technologies and CMS Lab, the two companies will build together best practices for increased employee productivity and efficiency by using Swit, and work to enhance the company culture in a digital workplace.

CMS Lab CEO Lee Jin-soo said, “CMS Lab aims to achieve growth through data-based, agile collaboration and timely communication. Through Swit, we hope to create greater customer satisfaction by innovating the digital work environment and realizing happiness management for our employees.”

Swit’s co-founder Josh Lee said, “Quite many people around me use cosmetic products from CMS Lab brands. As CMS Lab’s culture respects and treats its employees as human beings and someone’s family, we will do our best to support the employee experience of CMS Lab incorporating people, work, culture, and technologies in synergy with Swit, which is created upon similar philosophies.”

About Swit

Swit Technologies Inc., a future collaboration OS provider, was founded in 2018 in Silicon Valley. ‘Swit’ in its current form that combines messenger and task management features was officially launched in March, 2019. Featured on Silicon Valley’s IT magazine CIO Review as one of the “Most Promising Remote Work Tech Solution Providers” and winning the “Growth Startup of the Year” by Startup Grind Global Conference in which 4,00 startups from 133 countries participate, Swit was acclaimed by many as an innovative tool that tops the messenger for business Slack, and project management tools Trello, Asana, and Monday.com all at once. Swit was recommended for Google Workspace as an innovative solution, and named to the world’s largest enterprise software marketplace G2’s Best Software List in project management for two years in a row. As of now, a cumulative number of 40,000 teams and businesses from 184 countries are using Swit.

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