Sunyard Becomes Member of the SWIFT Platform Partnership Program

HANGZHOU, China, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sunyard Technology, the leading global payment solution provider, announced that it is now a member of the SWIFT Platform Partnership Program (BIC: PTSBCNCC). Membership allows Sunyard’s customers to connect directly to the full suite of Application Programming Interface (API) connectivity to the SWIFT network, ensuring users leverage specific and recognized expertise through SWIFT API services.

Sunyard is striving to create a comprehensive and international path of chain for foreign exchange business by SWIFT. The business network covers China, Southeast Asia, and other Asia-Pacific regions.

Create a new level of Fintech solutions

As a partner, Sunyard customers can access real-time data, professional service scenarios, financial products, and other related trends released by SWIFT in the first time without the need for an intermediary. These APIs also provide a new level of end-to-end transparency, including real-time status information for international payments.

Knowing the dynamics of SWIFT’s planning and development will also help Sunyard acquire timely support for cross-border product development and testing, and conduct technical interaction with SWIFT services (including SDK, API, File) with more diversified product forms. These will greatly enhance the client experience, enabling them to access Sunyard products and services more accurately.

Enrich product ecology for cross-border business development

Deeply engaged in the field of cross-border payment and clearing for many years, Sunyard has keen insight and strong professionalism in cross-border business. Sunyard will provide customers with a wide array of cross-border payment settlement categories, including payments, MT, ISO20022 (MX), SWIFT Go, G4C, pre-validation, FileAct, etc.

This partnership is an important milestone in easing adoption, extending reach, and enabling Sunyard customers to benefit from the range of innovative API-based services available on SWIFT.

Joining the SWIFT Platform Partnership Program furthers Sunyard’s commitment to providing clients with the latest in digital platforms to enhance their payment experience. The initial launch has gone smoothly and we are now ready to scale globally for the wider SWIFT user community.

Sunyard also has been providing merchants with an innovative range of products that make payments seamless, simple and secure. With our latest Android mobile POS, QR devices, Android electronic cash register and payment solutions- SunTMS & Sunpay, Sunyard is always a professional leading provider in the payment industry.

About Sunyard Technology

Sunyard was founded in 1996 and has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE 600571) since 2002. The company provides cost-effective and high-quality payment terminals and solutions, including Android mobile POS, traditional POS, Android electronic cash registers and payment solutions- SunTMS & Sunpay. According to the Nilson Report, Sunyard is always at the forefront of POS terminal shipment.

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