StringsSG Transitions Domestic Helper Service to Job-Based Model, Elevating Singapore’s Part-Time Assistance Sector

SINGAPORE, Nov. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — StringsSG Pte Ltd proudly announces the strategic evolution of its renowned domestic helper service into a dynamic job-based model, aligned with the company’s unwavering commitment to optimizing service efficiency for Singapore residents. This transformation represents a pivotal step in StringsSG’s mission to streamline and enhance the experience of part-time helper services in the region.

The cornerstone of this transition lies in empowering users with an array of cutting-edge features designed to elevate their service experience:

Key features for part time helper service in Singapore include:

Affordable Pricing: StringsSG introduces a revolutionary pricing model where hourly home cleaning rates are dynamically generated via the app or website. This pricing mechanism factors in individual service requirements, selected dates, times, and the location of service, ensuring cost-effectiveness for every user.

Smart Booking: Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, the platform offers lightning-fast booking confirmations for part-time domestic helpers. Users can now seamlessly secure assistance with unprecedented ease and speed.

Secure Payment: Clients enjoy a spectrum of payment options, including Credit/Debit cards, PayNow, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. Rest assured, all transactions made through the platform are fortified by the impenetrable Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.3) and a robust payment network, ensuring unparalleled financial security.

Enhanced Communication: A built-in chat system facilitates seamless interaction between clients and the service team, promoting clarity and responsiveness throughout the service journey.

Dedicated Customer Service: StringsSG redefines support standards by offering round-the-clock chat assistance under its job-based model. Clients can seek guidance or address queries at any hour, enhancing their overall satisfaction and peace of mind.

Moreover, StringsSG is actively extending its network by onboarding proficient part-time home cleaning service partners. This expansion promises to further enrich the platform’s pool of skilled professionals, ultimately benefiting the users with an even wider array of proficient assistance options.

This momentous shift underscores StringsSG’s unwavering dedication to innovation and customer-centricity, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in Singapore’s tech-driven domestic assistance landscape.

StringsSG Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based tech startup dedicated to transforming professional and home services. Through advanced technology, StringsSG enhances user experiences and optimizes service efficiency, meeting the evolving needs of Singapore residents.

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