Streamline Your Electronic Component Needs with Easybom

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Easybom, a global electronic component search platform, has launched a new feature – the Bom tool. The Bom tool boasts a huge model database, containing tens of millions of model data, which can recommend the best electronic component model selection for users and provide support for other users’ selection. Easybom has always been committed to providing customers with quality services, and the launch of this new feature undoubtedly provides more convenience for engineers and procurement.

Easybom-Bom Tool

Easybom is an excellent communication platform that connects global electronic engineers, procurement, and sales. For engineers, over 300 million original datasheets are available to view and download for free online. In addition, there are over 50 million original cross-reference models for them to quickly find replacement components to solve the problem of hard-to-find or discontinued parts. For procurement, Easybom provides a rich authorized supply channel with product information from over 220 global component manufacturers and authorized merchants. With complete manufacturer’s data, including delivery time and component production status, R&D costs can be effectively reduced. In terms of sales, Easybom updates the procurement information of global electronic components daily, which can quickly quote; it can also update the procurement trends of electronic components in real time to optimize users’ sales strategies.

Here, I will introduce the distributor pricing on the Easybom platform. Easybom offers three subscription package modes, each with its own features. The first is the Basic Package, which is suitable for merchants with less than 200,000 part numbers. This package is affordable, costing $99 per month, $267 per quarter, and $950 per year. The second is the Intermediate Package, which allows for more product uploads compared to the Basic Package, allowing for 1 million part numbers to be uploaded. It costs $199 per month, $537 per quarter, and $1910 per year. The third is the Advanced Package, where merchants can add 2 million products. This package can meet larger operational needs, costing $299 per month, $807 per quarter, and $2870 per year.

Easybom’s subscription packages are flexible and diverse, able to cater to businesses at different stages with various needs. As demonstrated by our newly launched Bom tool, Easybom is constantly innovating to meet a variety of user needs. We welcome globally renowned electronic component distributors and manufacturers to join the Easybom platform and share the boundless opportunities of the global market.