STRADVISION Japan Sales Director, Toshihiro Sato Proposes Accelerated Development Process for the Automotive Industry at ReVision Autonomous Driving and ADAS Summit 2023

ReVision Auto&Mobility explores cutting-edge technologies in Autonomous Driving and ADAS Examining Sensing Technology: Delving into the realm of sensing technology based on single-lens cameras while shedding light on the immediate challenges that lie ahead in the fields of autonomous driving and ADAS. China’s Development Trends: Gaining insights from the evolving landscape in China to understand better the transformative effects of changing development processes and the innovative concept of a Tier 0.5 supplier on expediting progress.

TOKYO, Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ReVision Auto&Mobility convened the ReVision Autonomous Driving and ADAS Summit 2023 in Tokyo, Japan, on October 5, to spotlight industry advancements and shape the future of Autonomous Driving and ADAS.

STRADVISION Japan Sales Director, Toshihiro Sato Proposes Accelerated Development Process for the Automotive Industry at ReVision Autonomous Driving and ADAS Summit 2023

Toshihiro Sato, Sales Director of STRADVISION Japan, an automotive industry pioneer in deep learning-based vision perception technology, participated in a panel discussion themed “Key Technologies and Their Impact on Autonomous and ADAS.” During this session, Sato introduced a novel approach to expedite the automotive industry’s development process.

Sato unveiled cutting-edge vision AI software designed for automotive safety applications in his presentation. He elucidated the current challenges faced by the industry and introduced the concept of Tier 0.5 suppliers. Sato explored sensing technology, particularly focusing on mono front-facing cameras powered by deep learning, and addressed upcoming challenges in autonomous driving and ADAS. He also shared insights on China’s evolving development landscape, highlighting the role of process changes and the Tier 0.5 supplier concept in speeding up progress.

“This year marks a significant milestone for STRADVISION as our SVNet has surpassed 1 million units in cumulative commercial production since 2019,” stated Toshihiro Sato, Sales Director of STRADVISION Japan. “We view 2023 as a pivotal year for further advancements. Our presence at this prestigious event facilitated valuable interactions and insights into the challenges faced by automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and other key players within the Autonomous Driving and ADAS industry. STRADVISION Japan remains committed to being a trustworthy partner, delivering cutting-edge vision AI technology to the Japanese automotive industry.”

STRADVISION’s SVNet is an ultra-light, high-efficiency solution that seamlessly integrates deep learning-based object recognition with minimal computational and power requirements. It boasts compatibility with over 18 System-on-Chip (SoC) platforms and offers a diverse array of more than 30 object recognition functions. STRADVISION actively contributes to multiple projects aimed at mass-producing vehicle models featuring autonomous driving capabilities at Level 2 or higher. This stems from the solid technical foundation and adaptability gained through extensive involvement in the automotive industry’s mass production sector.


Founded in 2014, STRADVISION is an automotive industry pioneer in artificial intelligence-based vision perception technology for ADAS. The company is accelerating the advent of fully autonomous vehicles by making ADAS features available at a fraction of the market cost compared with competitors. STRADVISION’s SVNet is being deployed on various vehicle models in partnership with OEMs; can power ADAS and autonomous vehicles worldwide; and is serviced by over 300 employees in Seoul, San Jose, Detroit, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Dusseldorf. STRADVISION has been honored with Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award, the Gold Award at the 2022 and 2021 AutoSens Awards for Best-in-Class Software for Perception Systems, and the 2020 Autonomous Vehicle Technology ACES Award in Autonomy (software category). In addition, STRADVISION and its software have achieved TISAX’s AL3 standard for information security management, as well as being certified to the ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems and ISO 26262 for Automotive Functional Safety.