State Grid Xuzhou Power Supply Company: Conducting Emergency Drills to Ensure Safety of Electrical Equipment During the Flood Season

XUZHOU, China, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — “A water level alarm has been triggered inside the 35 kV room substation, with levels rising to the terminal box location, creating a wading risk for personnel and potential for causing faults and trip outages. A request to transfer load and shut down equipment has been made.” On May 11th, State Grid Xuzhou Power Supply Company carried out a flood control emergency drill, aiming to further enhance the emergency handling capabilities of the power grid during the flood season.

The exercise was divided into two phases: a tabletop simulation and a field exercise. The tabletop simulation primarily assessed the preparedness of the Intelligence Support Center and the Emergency Rescue Team under alert conditions, testing their familiarity with emergency response procedures and their ability to operate intelligence support and flood control systems. This was intended to improve efficiency in managing extreme weather situations and to refine emergency defense mechanisms. The field exercise was conducted at substations or distribution rooms, evaluating staff proficiency in using protective gear and operating flood control facilities, thus significantly enhancing real-life flood control and emergency response skills.

Since May, the company has followed a proactive strategy of “early deployment, early inspection, and early implementation.” It has completed flood channel clearing and the provisioning of flood control materials for over 270 substations and more than 400 low-lying distribution stations under its jurisdiction. For critical flood-prone substations, the company has also replaced large-capacity drainage pumps and upgraded remote automatic drainage systems, all to ensure the safety of electrical equipment and facilities during the flood season.