StarX MusicX Lab Enters the era of Digital Content Creation with the Release of Its First AI-composed Songs

BEIJING, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kunlun Tech’s social entertainment platform StarX MusicX Lab, specializing in AI composition, recently released five songs, all of which were composed by AI software. The five AI-generated content (AIGC) compositions are now available on more than 180 music platforms worldwide including Spotify, SoundClould, QQ Music and NetEase Cloud Music.

Kunlun Tech’s social entertainment platform StarX MusicX Lab releases its first AI-composed songs on 180+ music apps, including Spotify and SoundCloud

Music labels, singers and music producing organizations have started to use the AIGC songs StarX MusicX Lab produced. The songs, many of which have been recorded by mainstream artists in Indonesia and Malaysia, are already proving popular on StarX’s entertainment social platform StarMaker.

In the Web3.0 era, a new generation of platforms is on the rise. “AIGC is emerging as a key player in this new form of content creation,” says Kunlun Tech CEO Han Fang. “To this end, StarX MusicX Lab has started rolling out AIGC songs, providing a new kind of AI application scenario and giving us the freedom to let our imagination fly in terms of what is possible when it comes to content creation.”

The efforts by StarX MusicX Lab marked a material change in how AI-composed audio is produced. With the latest technological advances now having been converted into applications, AI can do what is truly imaginative, making a contribution to the harmony between the virtual and real worlds. Over time, more AI-originated creations are bound to go mainstream.

Based on AI application scenarios, the Lab is a part of Kunlun Tech dedicated to developing AI-composed musical tracks. With sophisticated and professional full-chain music production and worldwide distribution capabilities, the platform is able to deliver high-quality singles, soundtracks and ambient music to the four corners of the globe.

The Lab is equipped with a highly-efficient and low-cost AI composer, which provides creators with the capability of producing multiple forms of content, no matter whether what is created is destined for an application in social media, gaming and entertainment, film and television production, or a marketing campaign.

With the development and improvement of AI technology, AIGC will be more helpful than ever in terms of content creation by improving the efficiency and diversity of content production, while offering more dynamic and interactive content. The massive virtual world that is the Metaverse spans a wide range of sectors including AI, gaming and social media, among many others. In the medium and long term, AIGC can be expected to bring innovation to the virtual world and enhance the co-prosperity of all links in the industry chain by identifying and leveraging new growth points.

The next stages of development in the Metaverse require not only technological progress, but also content-side support. In 2021, Kunlun Tech completed its Metaverse portfolio and the build out if its AI-driven applications for social entertainment and information distribution. As AIGC evolves, the Metaverse business will serve as a new contributor to Kunlun Tech’s exponential growth.

China’s top Internet firms, including Byte and Baidu, have already entered and are quickly making progress in the realm of AIGC, while StarX MusicX Lab has already taken the lead in related technologies. 

The digital human ecology built around the virtual world and the Metaverse infrastructure has begun to take shape, and so did the music ecology built around the new media of the Internet. The wide application of AI technologies will dramatically change how content is created. As AIGC evolves, StarX MusicX Lab will continue to expand its business footprint, as the firm further improves its creation capabilities, while producing exclusive songs for the world’s influencers.

Supported by increasingly stronger computing power, AI that features self-computing and greater adaptability will be a perfect match for content production needs by unleashing the vitality of content creation and by making the creative space more diverse and dynamic. With the popularity of AI products and the growing demands of fans, StarX’s creative content destined for application in the entertainment, audio, and social media sectors is bound to have even greater potential and room for development.