Start a journey of Chinese opera, the global live broadcast is not to be missed

BEIJING, Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — What is it like to enjoy Chinese opera in the autumn scenery of a Chinese garden? How is Chinese opera passed down from generation to generation? What kind of sparks will come from the collision between Chinese opera and scripted mystery games? From September 28th to October 4th, come to Beijing Garden Expo Park, and the 7th Chinese Opera Culture Week will reveal the answer for you.

This year’s Chinese Opera Culture Week brings together nearly 50 outstanding troupes and art schools from 20 provinces and municipalities in China and will bring more than 120 wonderful performances. Peking Opera, Pingju, Kunqu, Hebei Bangzi, Yu Opera, Yue Opera, Huangmei Opera… In Chinese Opera Culture Week, you will have the honor to enjoy the charm of all major Chinese operas.

In addition to watching exciting performances, audiences who want to learn more about Chinese opera can also watch the “Interviews with Famous Artists” program. Famous Chinese opera masters such as Changrong Shang, Yufu Li, Shaochun Yang, Meiti Yue, and Wenyue Gu will tell the audience about the inheritance and development history of Chinese opera.

This year’s Chinese Opera Culture Week also focuses on creating cross-border integration of art content to present more possibilities for opera stage art. Walking in the Garden Expo Park, visitors can witness flash performances of Chinese opera skills such as spear kicking and silk dancing, but also experience the immersive game “The Best Actor in the World.” Additionally, they can enjoy a traditional Chinese music concert featuring famous singers and Chinese opera masters.

Audiences who are unable to make it to the venue don’t have to worry about missing the show. This year’s Chinese Opera Culture Week will broadcast 16 exciting offline performances live through YouTube. Audiences can enter the live broadcast page to watch by searching “Chinese Opera Culture Week”. We look forward to the Chinese Opera Culture Week becoming a cultural feast shared by fans around the world.