STAR POWER & PitPat: A Treadmill that Lets You Compete at Home

HOUSTON, Dec. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The unique innovation of the STAR POWER treadmill, which brings offline races online, is that you can participate in races even when you run at home.

By accessing the application developed by STAR POWER with the activity tracker, users can access the online race platform Pit Pat and enjoy online competition with other runners. Each user can invite their family and friends to join one of the races together and enjoy running with people from all over the world, or even a sports superstar.

STAR POWER is not just a traditional treadmill. It collects the latest data monitoring system and scientific fitness-assisted exercise and provides more scientific running advice on Pit Pat through heart rate, running pace, calories, and other data statistics so that users can get more efficient and safer growth. In addition, STAR POWER has a high-tech function with an entertainment nature – AR running, which users can experience through the Pit Pat App and participate in the related races.

STAR POWER’s founder said: We hope to combine fitness sports with competitive competitions to create a new way of participating in sports, so that connected fitness becomes the favorite healthy lifestyle of users.

Immersive Running Vibe

The Pit Pat App is the most important innovation of STAR POWER, it has virtual scene design and multiple competition modes, including professional track, city road, country road, beach, and so on. Users can choose their favorite scene to start running. Race mode is a project mode that takes into account entertainment and competition, including Multiplayer Online, PK Run, Goal Challenge, and Ranking Challenge. Users can choose group competitions or 1V1 competitions with friends, get rewards by beating other players, and also get monetary rewards if they participate in official events.

Multiplayer Online: Players can win monetary rewards by ranking.

PK Runs: Players can run 1V1 with friends and family or with global online players to win real rewards.

Goal Challenge: Players earn cash rewards by completing goals within a time limit.

Ranking Challenge: Players can win cash rewards by beating other players in the rankings.

The Community board is an important part of Pit Pat. Users can chat with other runners online via text or voice during their participation in running events, sharing their fitness anecdotes and some experience summaries so that users can fully enjoy running without leaving home.

More Convenient User Experience

Compared with the traditional more bulky treadmill, STAR POWER has a lighter design that can be easily assembled for use. Handy front wheels and lightweight architecture make it easy to move around and even fold up without taking up too much space. In the design process, STAR POWER put aside many tedious functions and focuses on the user experience. For example, the double-layer running belt configured in the running process greatly improves stability. The excellent shock absorption system and friction force make the running process safe and carefree.

About PitPat

PitPat is an application specially developed by the JoyFit team for the STARPOWER treadmill. It is the world’s first platform for online competitions. Users can connect through the bracelet and app to experience a 3D immersive running experience, while enjoying online running competitions with thousands of people.

JoyFit team considers that a treadmill is not just a replacement for outdoor running, but should have a meaning that goes far beyond running. It is supposed to give every runner a state of health and psychological pleasure at the same time, and this is what the team has been working towards- to make running not only for fitness but also to enjoy the process.