SSI Schaefer Spotlights Path to Automation at Korea MAT 2023

Three seminars explore key considerations for embracing automated warehouse solutions across industries

SEOUL, South Korea, April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SSI Schaefer, a leading provider of turnkey solutions for intralogistics, is announcing three seminars it will hold on April 19 during Korea MAT 2023. Hosted in both Korean and English, the company is sharing its robust expertise to empower warehouse managers across industries to make well-informed decisions on their journey from manual to automation.

SSI Schaefer Spotlights Path to Automation at Korea MAT 2023

Spanning eCommerce, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, food and beverage, and the automotive industry, attendees can look forward to hearing first-hand, actionable insights on how to incorporate automation into warehouses, along with related success stories.

“We certainly know that the transition to automation is far from simple, but it helps immensely to have a strong partner when making this journey,” said Ronni Poulsen, Senior Vice President, Regional Head APAC and MEA at SSI Schaefer. “Real-time interfaces, optimized processes, flexibility, scalability, and redundancy are all important, but the fundamental takeaway we hope to deliver at these seminars is how crucial it is for warehouse companies to have a full grasp on their own fulfillment process before incorporating automated solutions. This is the path to achieving the highest ROI from automation, and we look forward to walking participants through this.”

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Empowering eCommerce: Evaluating Challenges and Solutions for Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Amid the myriad opportunities and challenges brought by post-pandemic online shopping, many eCommerce businesses have difficulty scaling up because the fulfillment process tends not to be considered until orders grow significantly. In turn, issues with the picking process lead to incorrect fulfillment, which increases costs due to items being returned.

This seminar will share how companies can retrofit and scale up their warehouse solutions without having to rebuild from scratch, in addition to providing valuable insights on how to navigate fulfillment challenges — a major pain point for online retailers.

Complex to Simple: Transforming Healthcare Distribution with Logistics Automation: The Future is Now

Distributors of medical supplies and medicine face unique challenges, including the need for temperature-controlled storage for thermally sensitive compounds and segmented storage due to drug allergies and the risk of cross-contamination. This seminar will explore how semi- and fully automated solutions can help pharmaceutical and healthcare companies navigate these challenges. One such solution is SSI Schaefer’s A-Frame solution, which delivers 100% transparency of product flow and rapid processing of complex, high-volume orders.

Modernizing Warehouses: Building Smart Logistics Centers and Embracing the Future of Supply Chain

Particularly valuable to companies in the food and beverage and automotive industries, this seminar will focus on how to leverage key technologies — such as automated storage and retrieval systems and picking solutions designed around the Goods-to-Person principle — to create modern, smart warehouses with advanced efficiency and optimized storage capacity.

In addition, this seminar explores how companies can judiciously integrate these automated solutions into their processes in a cost-effective way, such as with SSI Schaefer’s advanced picking station.

Each seminar will be hosted in Conference Room 210A, Hall 1, KINTEX 1 (Korea International Exhibition Center 1), South Korea. To register for one or more seminars or for more information, please visit:

About SSI Schaefer

The SSI Schaefer Group is the world’s leading provider of modular warehousing and logistics solutions. Employing approximately 10,000 people across six continents, SSI Schaefer develops and implements innovative industry-specific answers to its customers’ unique challenges, by designing, developing and manufacturing systems for warehouses, industrial plants, workshops and offices. SSI Schaefer is also a leading provider of modular, regularly updated software for in-house material flows. Designed by a strong team of 1,100 engineers, SSI Schaefer’s broad IT offering, including its WAMAS® and SAP products, delivers seamless support for all warehouse and material flow processes.

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SSI Schaefer Spotlights Path to Automation at Korea MAT 2023

SSI Schaefer Spotlights Path to Automation at Korea MAT 2023