Squirrel Ai Speaks at Harvard + MIT Joint Symposium on the Future of AI-based Adaptive Learning

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Generative Artificial Intelligence in Education Symposium was recently held at the campuses of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), two of the world’s foremost academic institutions. The symposium brought together distinguished professors, prominent academicians, and entrepreneurship pioneers from prestigious universities, among them, Harvard, MIT, and Cornell. The goal was to discuss the transformative role and evolving trends of generative AI in education and academic research. Dr. Joleen Liang, co-founder of Squirrel Ai Learning, delivered a speech at the event, highlighting the disruptive impact of Squirrel Ai’s Large Adaptive Model (LAM) on personalized education.

Squirrel Ai co-founder Dr. Joleen Liang delivers a speech

During the two-day symposium, participants discussed how AI can revolutionize teaching methods and reshape the education landscape. Squirrel Ai garnered significant attention for its cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking achievements. As a pioneer and industry leader in promoting AI in education, Squirrel Ai has been developing its technology for over 9 years. At the symposium, Dr. Joleen Liang showcased the latest technological breakthrough – the world’s first all-subject Large Adaptive Model (LAM). This remarkable innovation seamlessly integrates adaptive technology with Large Model, leveraging the unique learning behaviors of 24 million students, totaling 10 billion learning behaviour data, to feed and fine-tune the model. Thanks to this extensive dataset, Squirrel Ai is able to accurately represent students’ learning profiles and capture the intricate relationships between knowledge points, topics, and students’ learning abilities. This enables the company to provide students with more precise and personalized learning solutions tailored to their unique needs and abilities.

Compared to conventional LLMs that rely on public data, Squirrel Ai’s innovative LAM features a unique knowledge graph alongside an MCM (Mode of Thinking, Capability and Methodology) graph. This allows the model to tap into the individuality, strengths, and potential benefits unique to every student. During her presentation, Dr. Liang demonstrated the remarkable achievements of Squirrel Ai’s personalized education approach through real-world student case studies. She shared her vision for expanding educational resources and ensuring their equitable distribution. Her aspiration is for this technological advancement to reach more children from low-income families, injecting more possibilities and hope into their futures.

As the sole Chinese education technology company invited to this seminar, Squirrel Ai showcased its core strengths in the global AI education industry and its positive impact on driving educational change and innovation. Looking ahead, Squirrel Ai plans to further expand its collaboration with domestic and international technology, education, and academic communities to shape the future of AI integration and personalized education. Additionally, the company will continue to focus on technological innovation and product development to offer students worldwide high-quality and efficient learning experiences and services.