SPTel and SpeQtral appointed to build NQSN+, Singapore’s First Nationwide Quantum-Safe Network

Organisations will also be able to tap on SPTel’s Quantum Security-as-a-Service solution to safeguard sensitive information against future cryptographic attacks

SINGAPORE, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SPTel, a joint venture company of ST Engineering and SP Group, and SpeQtral, a Singapore-based company focused on quantum communications, today announced that they have been jointly appointed by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) to build the National Quantum-Safe Network Plus (NQSN+), Singapore’s first nationwide quantum-safe network. When completed, NQSN+ will be an interoperable network fortified with quantum encryption capabilities that will provide unparalleled data protection for critical government and commercial applications.

NQSN+ will utilise quantum cryptography to achieve unprecedented levels of security through harnessing the inherent properties of quantum particles for data encryption. This ensures secure transmission of sensitive information, enhancing security against cryptographic attacks.

The award of the NQSN+ project builds on SPTel’s and SpeQtral’s successful trials in quantum-secure networks on SPTel’s diverse fibre network in 2022. The combination of SPTel’s capabilities and strong track record in building diverse networks that pass through critical infrastructure for physically secure, ultra-low latency network deployment, with SpeQtral’s deep expertise in Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology will advance the development of a robust and resilient NQSN+ and foster a safer digital environment for both public and private sector organisations in Singapore.

Titus Yong, CEO of SPTel, said, “We are pleased to be appointed by IMDA to build the NQSN+ which will set new benchmarks in data protection and fortify the nation’s critical infrastructure. This appointment reflects our unwavering commitment in driving innovation in data communications security, and underscores our leadership position in offering diverse and resilient network connectivity. Our work for the NQSN+ strengthens our secured telecommunications portfolio which includes clean-pipe connectivity and virtualised cybersecurity solutions-on-demand, positioning us well to offer future innovative quantum security solutions that lay the foundation for tomorrow’s quantum-safe smart cities.”

Lum Chune Yang, Co-Founder and CEO of SpeQtral, said, “Being part of the NQSN+ project reaffirms our status as a trailblazer and industry leader in quantum communications. Our partnership with SPTel will enable us to deliver cutting-edge quantum solutions across SPTel’s diverse telecommunications network, bolstering Singapore’s security in network infrastructure. This collaboration, coupled with SpeQtral’s expertise in QKD technology, will allow us to contribute to Singapore’s standing as a frontrunner in quantum-safe communications.”

Dr Ong Chen Hui, Assistant Chief Executive, BizTech Group, IMDA, said, “We are excited to kickstart the launch of Southeast Asia’s first quantum-safe network infrastructure to help both businesses and government agencies tap on quantum-safe technologies. IMDA’s NQSN+ will help to realise Singapore’s vision of a quantum-safe nation, building our nation’s capabilities in this space. IMDA will continue to work with industry partners and government agencies to create a quantum safe nation.”

SPTel and SpeQtral will ensure the highest levels of data security and reliability of the NQSN+. They will also collaborate with strategic industry partners including ST Engineering in the area of Quantum-ready encryptors to strengthen the overall security posture of NQSN+, and Toshiba Digital Solutions for its QKD system. 

About SPTel

SPTel is a joint venture company of ST Engineering and SP Group. SPTel uses unique fibre pathways that combine leased SP Group infrastructure and owned fibre pipes, laid alongside the power network cables. As a leading provider of next-generation telecommunications and digital solutions SPTel places a strong focus on innovation and reliability. This enables SPTel to deliver secure and scalable connectivity, edge cloud, IoT-a-a-S and managed security solutions to businesses, government agencies, and service providers. SPTel is committed to driving digital transformation by providing cutting-edge technologies and exceptional customer experiences.

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About SpeQtral

SpeQtral is a pioneer in quantum communications, with a vision to build and deploy global quantum networks. SpeQtral develops quantum-secure products and services designed to protect sovereign and enterprise telecommunication networks against classical, as well as future quantum based cyber-attacks. Combining both terrestrial and space-based solutions, SpeQtral aims to secure the world’s networks against the threats posed by the imminent quantum revolution and drive innovation in quantum communications that will serve as the building blocks for the future quantum internet.

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