Speakly AI Shines at VivaTech 2024 with Its LLM-based Conversation Intelligence Solution

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. , May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Speakly AI, a pioneer in conversation intelligence solutions powered by large language models, focusing on enhancing sales and service efficiency, made its European debut at VivaTech 2024. Held at the prestigious Palace of Versailles, the event stands as Europe’s largest and most influential gathering for tech innovation and entrepreneurship.

At VivaTech, Speakly AI showcased its suite of conversational AI technologies and large language model applications, capturing significant attention from industry professionals and enthusiasts. The company’s presence at the event marked a significant milestone in its journey to expand its global footprint.

Speakly AI Shines at VivaTech 2024 with Its LLM-based Conversation Intelligence Solution

Speakly AI’s European debut was an opportunity to showcase its extensive experience and technological expertise in conversational AI applications. The company highlighted its suite of tailored products and applications designed for the international market, focusing on three strategic sectors: business growth, compliance enhancement, and foundational AI platforms.

For business growth, Speakly AI offers:

Sales Insight: A multi-channel conversational data analysis and management platform that provides customer-centric, business-results driven solutions across various interaction forms including calls, meetings, online chats, and retail stores. Customer Discovery: Leveraging Large Language Models, this tool helps clients gain deeper insights into marketing intelligence, product preferences, pricing strategies, services, and customer behavior, empowering the C-suite to make informed strategic decisions. Expert: A real-time conversation assistant that equips sales and service representatives with best practices, extensive knowledge, and real-time conversation tips, thereby enhancing productivity. Smart Wearable Badge: A device that supports staff with real-time feedback and interaction enhancements.

Speakly AI also takes pride in presenting NovaMind, a large language model with a hundred billion parameters, renowned for its ability to comprehend extensive contexts of up to 2 million characters, drawing significant attention from industry observers.

Collaborating with top-tier brands across various industries, Speakly AI has achieved remarkable results:

In banking contact centers, Expert boosted sales execution rates by 20%. In insurance tele-sales centers, Sales Insight increased the average transaction value by 22%. In auto retail stores, the smart wearable badge captured 100% of customer feedback, and Sales Insight helped the team achieve a 17% increase in sales conversion. In the real estate industry, the integrated solution doubled sales efficiency.

Speakly AI, with its proven methodology and extensive business practice, provides comprehensive support to enterprises throughout the entire service lifecycle, from technology and product solutions to delivery. This enables businesses to:

Quickly gain insights into sales and service processes Enhance the capabilities and productivity of sales and service teams Mitigate compliance risks Achieve sustainable growth

Key strengths of Speakly AI include:

Extensive practical experience and expertise across a variety of industries Support for both SaaS subscription and private deployment business models Deep industry applications, offering a comprehensive one-stop AI solution Advanced core AI technologies in natural language processing and speech-to-text, with multi-language end-to-end fine-tuning capabilities Adherence to international privacy laws, including GDPR, ensuring robust consumer data protection.

As the AI industry advances rapidly, companies worldwide are accelerating their exploration of AI applications. Speakly AI, with its exceptional AI technology and leading business implementation practices, has earned the trust of multinational brands and the recognition of international authoritative research institutions. To expand its global service network, Speakly AI has established branches in Silicon Valley, Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia, serving a prestigious list of international clients such as Toyota, Samir, Wukong, and Bridge Legal.

About Speakly AI

Speakly AI is a B2B SaaS company specializing in providing Large Language Model (LLM)-enabled conversational intelligence products and solutions across various sectors. We are dedicated to empowering revenue teams to achieve better results and create added value in every conversation with customers and prospects. Built on our proprietary full-stack AI technology, which includes voice recognition, natural language processing, and large language models, we have developed key products such as Customer Insight, Real-Time AI Assistant – Expert, Sales Insight, Smart Wearable Badge, and AI Compliance. These products have been widely adopted across industries including finance, automotive, education, retail, internet technology, real estate, and many others. With offices in the USA, Singapore, Japan, and China, Speakly AI is well-positioned to operate a global business and provide service delivery. For more information, please visit: https://www.speaklyai.com/