Sparrow Co., Ltd. Unveils Groundbreaking Application Security Solutions at Black Hat USA 2023

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sparrow Co., Ltd., a renowned provider of application security testing services, is set to showcase its latest innovations in application security at Black Hat USA 2023. The highly anticipated event is scheduled to take place on August 9 and 10 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sparrow aims to revolutionize the industry with the introduction of two groundbreaking solutions: Sparrow On-Demand and Sparrow Enterprise.

Sparrow On-Demand represents a paradigm shift in application security testing. This innovative API-based service enables companies to swiftly adopt and deploy new white-labeled application security testing capabilities. It streamlines integration into existing systems, providing a quick and efficient path to bolstering service offerings and overall competitiveness.

With Sparrow Enterprise, users gain access to a comprehensive suite of application security tests, including SAST, DAST, SCA, and RASP, all conveniently integrated into a single platform. This advanced solution not only empowers users to selectively adopt and perform specific security tests but also offers workflow management and automation features, facilitating the seamless deployment of DevSecOps practices.

In today’s landscape, cybersecurity and securing applications have become paramount concerns for governments and organizations. The escalating sophistication and frequency of cyber threats have raised the urgency to adopt stronger security measures.

Security testing vendors are taking proactive measures to stay ahead of the curve, expanding their service offerings to meet the rising demands for strict security policies and practices from governments and the market. Sparrow has been at the forefront of this movement, with various vendors seeking partnerships and integrations with its cutting-edge solution.

Recognizing the challenges faced by companies in integrating security solutions, Sparrow developed Sparrow On-Demand. This application security testing API enables companies to effortlessly adopt new security testing services and integrate them into their existing systems, significantly reducing the time and resources required.

For companies seeking comprehensive security testing solutions to secure their applications, Sparrow Enterprise allows organizations to align their specific requirements with the most suitable security solution, making decision-making easier for customers.

Sparrow caters to diverse needs with its solutions available through various deployment options, including on-premises, cloud-based SaaS, and as an API. This flexibility and scalability empower organizations to enhance application security with unparalleled ease.

Attendees of Black Hat USA 2023 are invited to explore Sparrow’s cutting-edge solutions, Sparrow On-Demand, and Sparrow Enterprise at the Sparrow booth (#1068). Alternatively, to learn more about how Sparrow is setting new standards in application security, visit their website at