Spark Education Announces Global Online Sudoku Challenge: Open to all!

Cash prizes for winning teams and matching charity donations

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Spark Education Group (“Spark” or “the Company”), one of the world’s largest providers of small-group online classes for K-12 education. Spark Education is announcing a new Global Sudoku Challenge. Children aged 5-12, families, friends, and anyone from beginner- to expert-level Sudoku enthusiasts can form a team and participate in the free-to-register event. Registration begins now, and the online competition will take place October 22-29.


This unique online Sudoku Challenge is designed to:

Inspire interest in math Build problem-solving skills Connect with friends and family Experience a global online competition

Participants and Winners can receive:

Cash prizes of up to US $1,000 for winners Given the option to donate winnings to a charity of the winner’s choice. Children who participate in the team competition and make it to the finals will have the chance to receive a coveted STEM certificate. All those who sign up and participate in the competition will receive an electronic certificate of participation that they can later print out and frame if they wish.

Reece Min, VP of the Pedagogy Research Centre at Spark, commented, “We are proud to host the Spark Sudoku Challenge. This is not only a global Sudoku competition, but also an activity that fosters an interest in math and number sense and builds problem-solving skills in a fun way. It is open to everyone so all can participate and challenge themselves.”

The 2023 Spark Sudoku Challenge is the second global online Sudoku challenge held by Spark. The inception event in 2022 attracted thousands of participants worldwide. The contestants include those from the “Super Brain” TV show, winners of the AMC (American Mathematics Contest) 12, and Spark Math students. All Sudoku puzzles are designed by a team of professionals including previous Sudoku Championship contestants, judges for various competitions, and Spark Math Sudoku coaches.

The competition is open to all to participate, and Spark Education’s own Spark Math students will also be forming teams to put their skills to the test. The Spark Math program is an academic enrichment program. The traditional math learning experience is transformed into gamified learning. It brings students in with engaging narratives and uses interactive technology to help students understand core concepts, making it fun and enjoyable.

Spark Math students have done well in other international math competitions such as AMC8 with 26% of its students being named to the Honor Roll of Distinction, 26 times higher than the global average. Through its online courses and global math competitions, Spark Math forges connections between abstract mathematical concepts and real-life applications, thereby equipping students with the extraordinary knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in STEM careers and in life.

Spark encourages anyone interested in participating in this wonderful opportunity can register for free at Spark is looking forward to the participation of the public from communities all over the globe to challenge themselves while experiencing the timeless fun of Sudoku.

About Spark Education Group

Founded in 2017, Spark Education Group is headquartered in Singapore. Its portfolio of education brands combines research-based pedagogy with technology to improve the learning experience and educational outcomes for students around the world. It was recently accredited by, awarded “Best Interactive Learning Experience” at EdTech Asia Summit, and recognized as a Parent and Teacher Choice Award Gold Medal Recipient.

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