SpaceDao Product Launch and Partnership Conference was held in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SpaceDao product launch and strategic partnership conference was held in Singapore in the afternoon of January 10, 2023.

Bo Chen, the founder and CEO of SpaceDao, presented and introduced the product features and application scenarios of SpaceDao’s lightweight metaverse creation engine SpaceU to the guests, and grandly introduced the new metaverse solutions for enterprises.

At the conference, SpaceDao respectively held a strategic partnership signing ceremony with a number of companies. Chairman of the Singapore Blockchain Association, Mr. Hock Lai CHIA; CFO of Meta Bank,Mr. Wanghao;Singapore Nanyang Technological University (NTU) tenured professor, Dr. Yiyu Chua; CTO of Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific Ecology Department, Mr. Luik Lu; Founder of Culture Cartel, Mr. JunJie; Chinese Wine Professional Overseas Sales Platform, Ms. Haze; Founder and CEO of GO GLOBAL GEM, Mr. JiaJun He; Technical Director of UKISS, Mr. Ben Chan; CEO of Singapore InnoE, Ms. NiNi Long; Mr. Yu Hao, Co-founder of Singapore Bamboo system technology, Mr. Yu Hao; Founder and CEO of SHOPNSHOP, Mr. RONNIE E H Low; Head of Yun Haus Art Gallery, Mr. Wu Dong; Founder of DeepBrainChain & Deeplink, Mr. He Yong and many other Singapore companies were present as guests to witness the launch and partnership signing conference.

SpaceU debuts, leading the businesses enter metaverse

At the conference venue, SpaceDao founder and CEO Bo Chen introduced the company and its product SpaceU to the guests by using her own digital avatar in the SpaceU metaverse, and used SpaceU to directly live connect to the Beijing team, all people from multiple locations entered the SpaceU and visited the metaverse at the same time, joining with the guests together in the metaverse, which was the first time for the guests to see the true demonstration of the metaverse.

It is understood that SpaceU is a mobile application for businesses to build metaverse space and organize activities in metaverse. Business can have a unique metaverse digital space in metaverse through SpaceU, as well as a metaverse website with an exclusive domain name. In addition, businesses can build a brand featured metaverse social place in SpaceU through a lightweight metaverse editor and use AI technology to assist them in creating their own digital avatar and digital story script, so that they can provide immersive digital services in the metaverse and operate their own user community and unique brand digital assets. Relying on its self-developed network framework, SpaceU enables more than 10,000 people to be online simultaneously for online communication and activities; with industry-leading AI computer vision capabilities, SpaceU automatically identifies and generates digital avatars and creates digital scripts for customers, enabling users of business to enjoy a truly immersive experience in the metaverse, assisting businesses to innovatively connect virtual space with the real world and explore the infinitely wonderful world of the future.

Chairman of the Singapore Blockchain Association, Mr. Hock Lai CHIA; CFO of Meta Bank, Mr. Wang Hao; Singapore Nanyang Technological University (NTU) tenured professor, Dr. Yiyu Chua;

CTO of Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific Ecology Department, Mr. Luik Lu; Former founder of Tencent Application and head of Tencent IoT and Voice AI, Mr. Hua Mao; and CEO of Singapore InnoE, Ms. NiNi Long attended the conference and made guest speeches.

Strategically cooperate with many businesses to build a metaverse ecosystem together

At this conference, SpaceDao also held a strategic partnership signing ceremony. SpaceDao reached strategic cooperation framework with several Singaporean companies in different fields such as online education, culture and art, FMCG, e-commerce, marketing companies etc. The value of the signing will exceed S$200,000 after the subsequent cooperation conducted. A number of Singapore companies across different fields including Singapore Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Blockchain Association, Bamboo system technology, SHOPNSHOP, Yun Haus, DeepBrainCbain, UKISS, Chinese wine professional platform for overseas sales, GO GLOBAL GEM, SoLoMo, ShopNShop, SIBA, Bamboo, InnoE, etc. will join metaverse with SpaceU together.

Heads of contracted companies have said that metaverse is the future. SpaceDao is a pioneer in the field of metaverse, with outstanding technology accumulation and scenario implementation ability, and we are very optimistic about the partner, we are looking forward to the strategic cooperation with SpaceDao. We hope that both parties will give full play to their respective strengths and form a complete and mature metaverse solution to meet the needs of scenarios and help businesses in various industries to meet their brand development demands in the Web3.0.

About SpaceDao

SpaceDao is a technology led Web3.0 startup company dedicated to building and developing in Web3.0, helping businesses implement their Metaverse in Web3.0, bringing business enter Metaverse instead of just a concept. Bo Chen said, we hope that through our unique technology and resource advantages, we can explore and expand the Metaverse application together with more business partners, create an open, diversified and comprehensive Metaverse ecosystem, drive the development and utilization of Web3.0, enhance the high-quality development of Web3.0 and the Metaverse in Singapore.

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