Soocas Announces Neos on Kickstarter, a Revolutionary Dual-Action Brushing and Flossing Electric Toothbrush.

NEW YORK, May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Soocas announces the release of its revolutionary dual-action brushing and flossing electric toothbrush, Soocas Neos. This electric toothbrush is expected to redefine oral hygiene. With flossing and brushing at the core of its functionality, Soocas Neos can cover and clean more areas of the teeth compared to traditional electric toothbrushes.

Soocas Neos | The Dual-action Brushing and Flossing Electric Toothbrush

The Soocas Neos provides comprehensive flossing and brushing as the core of its functionality with this 2-in-1 cleaning feature. “Our desire is to provide users with a full-coverage product that can not only properly clean all areas of teeth, but also reach those largely neglected gaps between teeth and the gum line,” stated Soocas CEO. The built-in flossing capability allows the Neos to access hard to reach areas with ease, compared to the traditional.

The flossing and brushing combo help to remove 40 times more dental plaque, increase dental gap cleaning by over 10 times, and efficiently whiten teeth 2 times more compared to a manual toothbrush.

Neos Design

The patented FlowPulse Pump applies water pressure forming pulsating water flow through the high-frequency vibrational motor, aptly titled MagVortex. This vibrational motor delivers the necessary energy to clean teeth while the toothbrush head combines the pulsed water flow to effectively clean the teeth from all directions.

Cleaning Modes

The Neos currently provides two cleaning modes based on user need. Deep Cleaning mode brushes teeth for 75 seconds, then provides an additional 30 to 50 second brush and floss combination. Speed Cleaning mode brushes and flosses teeth in 30 to 50 seconds for users who are in a rush.

Additional Features

The Neos comes equipped with a 30-Day battery duration, is rated IPX8 waterproof, comes with a wireless charging base, and a low-battery LED indicator to inform users when it’s time to charge.

Price and Availability

Perks Value: $229.98

Sales Price: $134

Initial Launch Platform: Kickstarter

Soocas has prepared the Kickstarter Innovator Perk Kit, which includes 4 Neos brush heads.

About Soocas

Founded in 2015, Soocas, a leading personal care brand, is focused on R&D and the development of electronic devices for personal care. Since its founding, Soocas has seen steady annual sales of 15 million units in over 30 countries worldwide.

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