Solving Advanced Algebraic Equations as Young as 7 years old

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Brunei, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Two students, Ryan Lim Jin and Amelia Edy Jofren, as young as 7 years old are among the 13 students being recognised at Kumon Brunei’s Advanced Student Honour Roll (ASHR) ceremonies. Despite their young age, they demonstrated advanced skills and were capable of solving algebraic equations that are beyond their age.


The youngest awardee this year, Ryan, who is five years beyond his school grade level, credits his Kumon instructor for motivating him as he navigates through the Kumon programmes. “I feel a little bit confused and demotivated when the questions get hard, but the instructor is there to guide me,” he said.

Developing algebraic thinking skills early is important and helps students make connections between components of their early maths learning. This also set the stage for students to be problem-solvers when they look at more complex algebraic equations in their formal higher education.

Another student, Amanda Goh, 15-year-old Kumon Maths Completer said, “Instead of turning to others, I’ll solve problems myself. This has helped me to retain information better. The best skills that I picked up from the Kumon Programmes are problem-solving and independence.”

A Kumon Maths Completer is someone who has completed the entire programme, which include pre-university level topics such as limits of functions, loci, integration and differentiation.

In his congratulatory message to the students, Makoto Adachi, General Manager of Kumon Singapore and Brunei, reminded the students on the importance of cultivating a study habit, carefully study the explanations and examples in the Kumon worksheets and correcting their own mistakes, and not to be afraid of failure. “If you keep these three points in mind and work on them constantly, your academic ability and self-learning ability will surely improve even further, even after completing the Kumon programmes,” he said.

The ASHR was introduced by Kumon founder, Toru Kumon, to encourage students who study materials ahead of their school grade level, in 1959. He thought of a world ranking for intellectual achievements, after watching the Olympic Games in 1931, believing that human potential is boundless and that athletic achievements should not be the only benchmark for it. The ASHR celebrates achievements in the Kumon Mathematics, English, Chinese and Japanese programmes to motivate children to pursue learning beyond their current abilities.

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By discovering the potential of each child and developing their abilities to the maximum, Kumon aims to foster sound, capable people and thus, contribute to the global community.  

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