Solomon to Build Next Wave of Advanced Robotics Solutions Using NVIDIA Isaac Robotics Platform

TAIPEI, July 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Solomon, a leader in advanced vision and robotics solutions, is excited to announce a collaboration with NVIDIA at COMPUTEX 2024. This collaboration focuses on integrating Solomon’s product offerings with the NVIDIA Isaac robotics platform to enhance Solomon’s 3D robotics vision and augmented intelligence solutions.

At COMPUTEX 2024, Solomon’s VP of Research & Development, Xuan-Loc Nguyen, introduces the META-aivi AR + AI vision system for SOP validation to visiting NVIDIA guests Madison Huang and Lori Huang.

“We are thrilled to integrate the NVIDIA Isaac platform into our products,” said Johnny Chen, CEO of Solomon. “NVIDIA’s advanced AI and robotics tools will enhance our product capabilities in 3D machine vision, robotics control, and augmented intelligence, helping drive greater innovation in industrial automation.”

A key highlight of this collaboration is Solomon’s bin-picking system, enhanced by NVIDIA Isaac Manipulator accelerated libraries, which are based on NVIDIA Isaac ROS. It delivers 8 times faster path planning and execution and reduces path singularity occurrences by 50% compared to conventional algorithms. Combined with AccuPick’s advanced image recognition, these advancements enable smaller robot cells without compromising cycle time, essential for efficient bin picking in factories and order picking in logistics centers.

The NVIDIA Isaac platform leverages generative AI to offer powerful foundational models for robotics. Solomon will continue to deliver innovative products and applications by incorporating multiple NVIDIA Isaac technologies, with the goal of bringing smarter automation to manufacturing, retail, logistics, and other sectors.

“The era of AI robotics has arrived,” said Deepu Talla, Vice President of Robotics and Edge Computing at NVIDIA. “To meet this demand, NVIDIA is building a full-stack, accelerated robotics platform to enable ecosystem leaders such as Solomon advance deployment of autonomous machines across the world’s largest industries.”

About Solomon:

Solomon provides advanced vision solutions, including 3D bin picking, vision-guided robots, AI-based defect inspection, and augmented intelligence blending AI and AR. What sets Solomon apart is the embedded rapid AI model training, allowing users to customize models with minimal time investment. A strong focus on productivity and innovation positions Solomon at the forefront of industrial AI and 3D vision applications, excelling in defect detection, bin picking, and workforce optimization.

Anu Kanwar 
Business Development Manager
[email protected]