Sold 500 Units Within the First 24 Hours, What’s the Innovation Behind HHOLOVE O Sitter

HONG KONG, July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — According to data of the American Pet Products Association in 2022, the pet ownership rate of the US has increased from 56% to 68% in the past 30 years, and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to reach 5.1% by 2030. At the same time, with the development of science and technology, pet smart supplies are increasing as well, pets are beginning to use their own “home appliances”, behind this, is increasingly more brands are entering this business, which includes pet tech startup HHOLOVE.

In June 2023, O Sitter, the world’s first smart companion robot for cats was launched on Kickstarter and set a new record in the category of smart pet products. It took less than 18 minutes to fulfill their crowdfunding goal and less than 24 hours to exceed 500 backers and raise nearly $50,000 in crowdfunding funds, which won a good start for this black technology in North America.

“Most of our team members have cats and are a group of people who really love this industry, we are more empathetic to its pain points. At the same time, we are a group of people who understand technology and digitalization well, we hope that through our understanding of digital and our technological capabilities, we can make cats feeding and caring easier and worry-free.” Mr. Chen Hang, founder of HHOLOVE said, “About one-third of a person’s life is sleeping, and another more than one-third is working while young people work even longer hours. With the ever-increasing pace of life, there is less time to spend with family and beloved cats, and many people worry about the health, safety and happiness of their beloved furry babies.” As a result, the HHOLOVE team for the first time proposed the concept of “smart companion robot for cats”, and set up the program, which led to the birth of “O Sitter”.

What makes HHOLOVE O Sitter different from other products?


AI Recognition & Tracking Breakthrough

“How to make cat feeding and caring with better “visibility” is the most important part we need to break through in the development of O Sitter.” said Mr. Chen Hang, “Currently, there is no product in the market that really has ‘all-round visibility and intelligent feeding’ capability.” From which the HHOLOVE R&D team firstly started the product development from the direction of cat AI recognition & tracking.

Pet recognition and tracking has always been an important topic in the field of AI visual recognition. In order to make the O Sitter recognition better, based on the existing cat recognition algorithms, HHOLOVE tested in different cat breeds and scenes, utilized 400,000 cat images in real life and analyzed, as well as tens of thousands of cat activity video data, spent 6 months of continuous training, testing and verification, and hundreds of times of iterations of algorithm, finally realized the breakthrough of quickly and accurately recognizing cats in various postures and in complex environments, that enabled O Sitter to intelligently capture every wonderful moment of cats.

Truly Seeing Food Bowl and Food

From the very beginning, HHOLOVE wanted to create a product that can really “see” the food bowl well, not just part of it, so that feeding would be more reassured.

The next two months they started from ID modeling design, structural design, device selection, algorithm identification and other specialties. After searching for more than 30 kinds of lenses, they finally chose the most suitable image sensor to guarantee high-definition picture and larger vertical angle, smaller picture distortion, and can really see the food in the food bowl. During this period, in order to verify the variety of lenses they changed the ID modeling many times, and finally in order to achieve the most ideal results, they reopened a set of molds to ensure that the product is the most expected one as what they designed.

Meanwhile, HHOLOVE team collected more than 10,000 photos of food bowls in different scenes, united with the co-creation data of 1,000 cat-owning families, and after 6 months of machine learning training and 3 months of model optimization, it achieved 96.9% accuracy rate of recognition, and completed the construction of the food bowl residual detection system, the data is continuously updating.

Co-creating With Users

In terms of product conception, HHOLOVE always insists on co-creating with users. In order to make the remote companion experience better, they added the remote laser teasing function based the suggestions, the same as the motor selection and APP interface design.

In addition, it may cause potential risks to cats cervical health if they have to put their head too low for a long time when they are eating. HHOLOVE specially developed a height-enhancing bracket, which can adjust the height according to the cat’s body!

O Sitter is designed with a lot of “thought”, such as the reusable packaging that can be made into a cat house, the two anti-collapse brackets that prevent O Sitter from tipping over, and the different feeding packages that based on different scenes and cats. HHOLOVE hopes to make O Sitter’s companion more intimate through more efforts.


HHOLOVE is a smart pet brand under HHO Inc., which is an innovative tech start-up that is dedicated to digitalizing supply chain and help quality manufacturers build strong brands in cross-border e-Commerce business.

HHOLOVE is dedicated to using digital technology to make pet feeding and care easier, and smarter, to meet pets’ physical, safety, and social needs through various AI sensing systems and computing capabilities. Connecting pets with people, and with the world.

O Sitter is the world’s first smart companion robot for cats under HHOLOVE, it is the perfect way to give your furry friend the pampering they deserve with the features of AI Smart Life Recording, Interactive Companion, Reliable and Visible Feeding. With O Sitter, you will enjoy a worry-free cat care life.

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