Smart tech venture HyperG brings multinational technologies to expedite Southeast Asia’s digital economy goals

 Showcases integrated management solution WeMB at Smart City Asia 2023

TAIPEI, April 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HyperG Smart Security, a Singapore-based subsidiary of Digicentre, a spinoff SaaS company from Taiwanese digital content provider Gamania Group, will be showcasing its data center infrastructure monitoring solution WeMB at the Smart City Asia Expo 2023 on April 13-15 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, as part of its mission to bring success know-hows to the emerging tech hotbed that is Southeast Asia.

HyperG Smart Security partners with WeMB, Azi Software Technology Joint Stock Company (Azitech), Happy All Technology Joint Stock Company (Azibai), GAIA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CORP., SENSETIME INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD., ESG SERIVCE CORPORATION ASSOCIATION, VIEN THAI Integrate Every Thing, and NineDragon Real Estate at its exhibition booth at Smart City Asia 2023. The trade show will take place from April 13 to 15 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. (Photo: HyperG)

WeMB is a smart city integrated management solution developed by an ICT company of the same name based in South Korea and marketed by HyperG overseas. The platform can monitor real-time status through a sophisticated data interface and a 3D digital twin virtual model, and can be used to centrally operate and efficiently monitor smart buildings, factories, data centers, and energy consumption, allowing for fast and effective response to situations. Its strengths include:

Ensure safety and prevent accidents: Can detect aging and/or failure in an infrastructure Create a new management model for businesses: Efficiently manage municipal resources and set core KPIs Maintain public order: Create a safer and more efficient environment regarding public transportation, traffic and parking management in a city Implementing ESG and cost control: Operate through smart energies and increase sustainability

Targeting the digital transformation trend of businesses across the world, particularly a national development scheme for smart cities in Vietnam, HyperG comes into light at Smart City Asia 2023, partnering with WeMB, Azi Software Technology Joint Stock Company (Azitech), Happy All Technology Joint Stock Company (Azibai), GAIA Information Technology Corp.,  ASTER Technology Co., Ltd., ESG Service Corporation Association, VIEN THAI Integrate Every Thing, and NineDragon Real Estate in a multinational infotech alliance to bring the newest smart technologies to Vietnam.

This move follows a recent achievement of another feature product– appGuard, an App protection service with a market share of over 50% in Taiwan’s finance sector. In January 2023, appGuard achieved the Evaluation Assurance Level 2 (EAL 2) of Common Criteria, the highest certification for software security products in a widely recognized international standard, making it officially competitive in global cybersecurity markets.

Singapore-based HyperG was established in 2019, aiming for opportunities  across Southeast Asia, a widely-regarded “promised land” for tech businesses due to its large population base, the wide adoption of the Internet and mobile devices and the local market growth. Equipped with more than ten years of cybersecurity experience in Taiwan from holding company Digicentre, HyperG intends to introduce to Southeast Asia’s rising digital economies not only the Korean-born WeMB smart infrastructure solution, but also the Taiwan-bred appGuard.

Southeast Asia is undergoing a digital transformation wave driven by both government and commercial sectors. Vietnam, in particular, has implemented a national plan for developing smart sustainable cities by 2025, with a vision toward 2030 that the future digital economy is expected to contribute 30 percent of Vietnam’s national GDP. Presently, HyperG has debuted in Vietnam’s smart applications industry with WeMB, subsequently raising the local cybersecurity awareness to prepare for the introduction of appGuard, pushing forth its mission of exporting genuinely made-in-Taiwan cyber technology to the world.

About Digicentre and HyperG

The predecessor of Digicentre was the IT department at Gamania, which at the time was a top game publisher and distributor in Taiwan. The team branched out its IDC, security and integration services in 2009, and is committed to use more than 10 years of operational experience to deliver premium IaaS and SaaS to digital content industry clients, allowing them to focus their resources more directly on providing great service to customers.

HyperG Smart Security is a Singapore-based joint venture by Taiwan’s Digicentre, a subsidiary of Gamania Group, and Malaysia’s Simsense. With well-established global sales channels, HyperG is committed to developing security products for smart technologies and becoming a world-class smart security company and sales platform.

About Gamania Group

Gamania is a listed digital entertainment corporation based in Taipei, Taiwan. Built on solid performance as a PC online game distributor, the group continues to proactively expand business territories in various fields such as e-commerce, digital media, online retail and payment, and original content, all of which are strung together by beanfun!, a digital entertainment portal and online community, in its ultimate mission to develop a diversified digital ecosystem.